Travel Telekung


With the travel telekung, muslim women do not need to doubt about the cleanliness of the public telekung at the musolahs at shopping malls, petrol stations, r&r stops etc. You can now perform your salah right on time, without having to wait for your turn on the public telekungs. 

Unlike most travel telekung made of parachute materials, this COTTON material will not be easily blown by the fan and yet, still light and cooling to be worn. 

When not in used, simply fold the telekung and squeeze it into the pouch. Not to worry, it will surely fit in. 

Put it in your car, your handbags, travel luggage bags.  With the size of the palm of your hands, the travel telekung is light and convenient to be brought anywhere! 

"Verily, the prayer keeps one from the great sins and evil deeds" (al-Ankabut v.45). 



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