7 Advantages of Telekung Maryam by The Zaahara Telekung

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 Every telekung seems to have their own distinctive styles and designs, and the line-up offered by Zaahara is no exception. Its strengths lie with its reliable design and fabric choices. The two design highlighted are the Maryam and Sofia telekungs.

Here are some of their advantages based on testimonials given by customers.

The Advantages of Telekung Maryam by The Zaahara TelekungTelekung Maryam - Brown

  • Cool and comfortable to wear.

    The wearer does not feel hot even in a non-air conditioned room.

    • High Opacity Colored Material
    The cotton material used for the fabric is smooth and  the coloured material has high opacity so that nothing inside is seen.

    • No inner needed!
    The speciality of Telekung Maryam is at the head area, sewn to fit the face of the wearer comfortably, thus no inner is needed.
    • Minimalist design
      Telekung Maryam has a minimalist design, with simple embroidery at the sides of the telekung, making the telekung look simple yet exclusive. It suites the taste of the young, urban muslimah, The neat and clean embroidery gives the cloth a beautiful appearance!
    • Extra length

    Telekung Maryam is made with extra length to ensure full feet coverage during sujuud. 

    • Lightweight fabric
    Lightweight fabric but strong enough to not be flown up by winds generated by fans either on floors or ceilings. Customers find it easy to bring around. 

    • Comes in a selection of colours
    An added bonus is that it comes in a variety of colours to suit any taste, it even has a carrier bag which makes it very portable.
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