7 reasons why the dUCkscarves are a hit

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dUCkscarves, who hasn’t heard of them? They’re absolutely famous for their trademark dUCk metal logo and the uneven edges made to look like it’s fashionably draping over one shoulder. Duckscarves have exploded into an insane trending phenomenon, with plenty of their fans not at all aggrieved to spend some good ringgit on these scarves.

So why all the rage, you ask? What is so incredibly enthralling about these scarves that makes them such a hot new thing?

Well, here are the seven (7) reasons why the dUCkscarves are selling like hot cakes.

  1. Packaging

The purple packaging is synonym to duckscarves

Some people don’t care at all about what kind of box or wrapping a product comes in but a lot of people do. Especially a product targeted to women such as scarves. Girls go crazy over attractive, neat and pretty things so why not make the packaging that can attract the ladies right?

Each scarf comes in a beautiful purple cardboard box with the logo and brand name on it. Not only is this some fancy schamncy high quality cardboard box but the people at dUCkscarves have also passionately wrapped the adorable thing with a ribbon around it.

The effect is most definitely pleasing to the eye and the fact that it comes with the ribbon makes them the perfect gift to someone dear to you. It’s that kind of attention to detail that separates you from other run off the mill brands.

  1. Wide range of material

Ladies are spoilt with wide range of materials to choose from. Variety is key if you want to please everybody out there and dUCkscarves have managed to satisfy almost every one there is. Their Premium Basic collection has six types of materials to choose from! They’ve got scarves made of bamboo, georgette, jersey, satin silk, peachskin and even mixed crepe cloth! That has got to be enough to satisfy nearly everyone’s palate, right?

Speaking of palate, each scarf is named after food so can you imagine just how much more delicious these scarves get? The dark earthy red isn’t called that at all, instead it has got ‘dark cherry’ as its name. A soft peachy pink is named ‘raspberry cheesecake’ and the creamy peach colour is called ‘peach sorbet’.

 Isn’t that just absolutely scrumptious? It not only makes the eyes sparkle with interest but the mouth water in delight too. Say what you want about dUCkscarves but there’s no denying that naming their product after food speaks to a lot of people. Food is after all a universal language.

  1. Collection of colors


As mentioned above, dUCkscarves have a plethora of colours named after food so it isn’t a surprise to find out that the colours themselves are a definite drawing factor. There are over fourteen colours to choose from just from the Premium Basics collection! Their Prints collection? Twice as many designs with the most mesmerising mixture of colours and patterns. There’s even a scarf with the whole KL skyline as the print on it. Talk about being a true blue city girl, huh?

  1. Luxurious

When it comes to dUCkscarves, almost everyone who knows it would know that they are basically a luxury brand. This isn’t some cheap shawl you get from a kiosk parked outside of Giant, my friends. This is THE dUCkscarves! The scarf that has got all the tongues wagging and singing its praises.

  1. Lifestyle for the urbans

The scarf that for all intents and purposes has claimed that it is “For cool and stylish ladies who appreciate a dash of luxury in their lives.” Just their Premium Basic retails at rm130 and if you want the fluffy range then it will be rm150. The Songket and Blooming collection cashes in at rm220 each and the Alphabet Square comes in at rm300!

There have been several fans of the dUCkscarves who have actually confessed to purchasing products that comes up to more than rm1k! A brand for the cool girls who want a bit of luxury in their lives indeed!

  1. Functionality

Ultimately, a product is popular and sought after because of its utility. How useful is the dUCkscarves and does it do its job properly? Most fans can attest to their practicality whilst simultaneously screeching over its beauty.

dUCkscarves are proof that it’s not only pretty to look at, it also works swell. Take the Mixed Crepe scarf for example. It is a sturdy and slightly stiff material which makes it stay on your head and face incredibly well.

The scarves made of the Jersey material is not only cool and comfy but the slight weight it has to it makes it stay in place like a good little girl. This is the kind of scarf you’d want to throw on your lazy days. Just flip, and flip and swoosh and done; you’re out the door. It’s also incredibly convenient to have scarf that you don’t need to iron.

  1. Trademark Cut

Finally, the dUCkscarves is renowned for their trademark cut and look which happens to be the most fashionable look in the market right now. Everyone wants that oh-so exquisite uneven drape of the shawl on one side of your face.

It looks just so utterly sophisticated and demure; a dangerously exhilarating combo. With other nameless scarf brands that you get from the night market, you don’t know if the shawl will actually drape over attractively like the dUCkscarves do.

Hence, sticking with the dUCkscarves is definitely a good idea.

And there you have it, the top seven reasons why the dUCkscarves are such a booming hit.


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