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Dua made by Prophet Sulaiman on how to increase wealth

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If you Google on 'How to be rich', don't be surprised that there are almost 1 billion searches that will pop out. It shows how much does human really treasure on how to be rich.

Anyways, among the Prophets that we should believe (25 of them), two of them are kings which are Prophet Yusuf and Prohet Sulaiman.

Being a Muslim, we should make doa like how Prophets make doa as they are examples of people we should emulate. We hereby would like to share to dua’s that is powerful enough for everyone of us to recite daily especially after prayers.

  1. Suratul Sad Ayah 35
  2. Suratul An-Naml Ayah 19

We, too were confused with what doa to recite as there are various dua’s available. However, after scrutinizing all dua’s, we learned that every Prophets are sent and blessed with various speciality. Since Prophet Sulaiman is known for a king that rules the entire world inclusive of the animals and Jins, it is a no brainer not to adopt his Doa. However, we advise that the wealth and the power that comes, it must be for Allah’s sake.

Allah can give us whatever amount of wealth that we wish to have but in return, can we give more to others apart from the 2.5 percent Zakah? If we look at the westerners billionaires especially Bill Gates, they have already pledge to give more than half of their fortune once they die. Before that, they have also donated billions for humanity.

This act of kindness is actually something for us to ponder and to act upon.

May Allah bless us with abundance of wealth that comprises of educations, health, relationship, eeman and also rezki.


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