Innersejuk Facemask that can make protect you from Corona Virus.

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Reusable Face Mask with Dri-Chill Technology from InnerCook using cool, anti-bacterial fabrics. DRICHILL fabric that has been approved by the Ministry of Defense.

There are insufficient numbers of medical face masks for doctors, nurses and frontliners battling the COVID-19 outbreak as it is largely purchased by the general public.

In this regard,Innersejuk facemask has decided to produce a two-layer facemask of coolers using drichill fabric for use by the public who have time to wash their masks.


❄️ Material approved by the Ministry of Defense as anti-heat and heat exchanger. So when you use it, it is not hot, it is not rigid (the certificate is available on our website).

❄️ Material used through test lab & certified as anti-bacterial.

❄️ Pocket friendly. Save! - Reusable & no need to waste!

❄️ Can wash many times. Dry fast.

❄️ FRIENDLY! Type of back strap. Can be worn outside the lid.

❄️ The rope is not loose. Adjustable by size.

❄️ It does not hurt to use ear for long periods of time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Innersejuk facemask

What fabric was used to make the Innersejuk facemask?
- Innersejuk facemask is made from DriChill InnerCool fabric consisting of Polyester, Spandex, Micro-Fiber and Cotton

What are the tests that have been made on the Innersejuk facemask fabric?
- The tests that have been conducted are as follows:
1. Antibacterial Examination
2. Heat Thermal Conductivity Test
3. Thermal Regulation Exam
4. Elastic Testing

Where is this cloth tested?
- This DriChill fabric has been tested in:
1. Science, Technology, and Research Institute for Defense (STRIDE)
2. Textile Research Group, University Technology Mara (UITM)

How to clean Innersejuk facemask?
- The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that the Innersejuk facemask to  be cleaned with high water (56C and above) and use soap to kill the COVID-19 virus. Drying the Innersejuk facemask with a high-temperature dryer can also help in virus prevention.

How often do we need to wash the Innersejuk facemask?
- Innersejuk facemask is recommended to be washed after use. Innersejuk facemask is not recommended for repeated use without cleaning, as the virus can remain on the surface of the facemask for several hours to several days. If you need to go out regularly, it is advisable to keep the Innersejuk facemask stock clean.

Fabric moisture control facemask
- The Innersejuk facemask can control moisture well, which means the DriChill fabric can control moisture trapped in the skin and bring it to the outer surface of the fabric.


The Innersejuk face mask can be purhcased at:

facemask innersejuk

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