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Why is telekung important among the ladies

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Why is Telekung so special?

Historically, telekung was first heard as early as 15th centuries. During that period of time, most of the Muslim ladies in South East Asia especially Malaysia and Indonesia does not cover their aurah accordingly. So in order for them to pray, they will need a special attire to wear and thus there is a creation of the special called prayer wear known as telekung.

If you look at below picture, you can see how a Muslim woman wear their clothes and clearly shows that there is none in the picture that covers the awrah accordingly.




This picture is taken from Pinterest.



Women wearing Telekung or prayer wear. 

So technically telekung has solved the problem of covering the awrah during the prayer.

Why do you need a telekung?

  1. A special attire to pray
  2. Cover the awrah
  3. Many muslim woman around the globe doesn’t have a special attire and mostly are not according to sharia
  4. To ensure cleanliness of the clothing
  5. Loose fitting
  6. Clothes worn should not announce arrogance.
  7. The clothes worn must not be tight so as to display one’s figure and curves, and should not be transparent.
  8. The clothes worn must not be an imitation of the pagans or disbelievers.
  9. It should be loose and opaque

With this, clearly a telekung is not just a prayer wear for South East Asean ladies. Perhaps this special attire can be used and promoted across the Muslin Nations one fine day.



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  • While i agree this is important to your culture. That is simply one interpretation and we all know sharia law has done very good to protect women. I have acid burns from those obsessed with contesting to this. Respect other cultures and their clothing and maybe people will accept yours

    Amira on

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