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Basic Series Telekung - Your daily cotton telekung for everyday use

Basic series is a top-of-the line category whereby the telekungs in this series are specially tailored for your daily usage.

We creatively designed the telekung to meet your expectation who are into the minimalist designed. There are no laces introduced in this category.

The main aspect in the basic series are:

  • Types of materials being used – The cotton are of high quality
  • Pastel colors – You can collect the pastel colors and wear it depending on your mood and aura
  • Simplicity and minimalist designed
  • Practical and can be worn daily without feeling bored

Our basic series was firstly introduced in 2014 and we called her ‘Telekung Maryam’. It became a hit instantly and she has been innovate for a few rounds until 2015. Finally, the day of Telekung Maryam is numbered as we have difficulty to find the fabric. From 2014 to 2015, we have managed to deliver around 1000 Telekung Maryam.

When we told our customers about the end of Telekung Maryam, there have been many who insisted us to re-do the basic series again.

Alhamdullillah, at the end of 2016, we managed to finally find a supplier that can supply us the material used for Telekung Maryam and now we have a few selection of telekung under the basic series namely Telekung Naima and Telekung Fateema. Both are of the same fabric used for Telekung Maryam.

Since there have been a strong follower on the ‘basic series’, we are going to continually adding designs in this segment to ensure more of the ‘like-minded’ customers like you can keep on having the telekung just like how you buy your dresses.

Bear in mind that if you have owned a few of the basic series, you can always buy or persuade others to get one for themselves.

Our philosophy is simple. Bring people closer to Allah and Allah will take care our dunia and akhirat. InsyaAllah.

On another note, you can always look into being a charitable person by donating your previous telekung to those who might need it. You never know your small action can lead to a place in Jannah.

We wish all of you to have more than 1 telekung from the basic series as our target is each woman to have 7 telekung. Why 7? It is because we want each woman to be striving for the 7th Heaven of Jannah.