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Prayer Wear

RM220.00 MYR RM268.00 MYR

2x Telekung Mini Soraya (with pocket) - RM220

RM109.00 MYR

Telekung Mini Hidaya - Black

RM190.00 MYR RM199.00 MYR

Telekung Soraya - Black (with Pocket)

RM55.00 MYR

Telekung Mini Cotton Lycra in Black

RM200.00 MYR RM218.00 MYR

2x Telekung Mini Hidaya (with pocket) - RM 200

RM129.00 MYR

Telekung Mini Soraya - Black ( With Pocket)

RM210.00 MYR RM238.00 MYR

2x Telekung Mini Denim with Sleeve for RM210

RM100.00 MYR

Combo Telekung: Telekung Mini Lycra , comfortable and relaxed while praying

RM189.00 MYR

Telekung Hidaya - Black

RM89.00 MYR RM109.00 MYR

Telekung Mini Denim - Black (without sleeve)

RM70.00 MYR RM99.00 MYR

Telekung Mini Saffiya - Black

RM189.00 MYR

Telekung Hidaya - Nude