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Telekung Mini - Telekung Hajj & Umrah

Telekung Mini is specially tailored for those performing their umrah or hajj. Reason we called it Telekun Mini is because this telekung is only one piece which is the top.

Telekung Mini is suitable for Haj and Umrah as it can help ypu perform better there. The woman who goes umrah and haj normally wears pants or shorter ‘kain’ and complements it with the telekung mini.

Telekung mini is a perfect telekung for your spiritual journey. The fabric is breathable and fits just nice at the face section. The chin area is made from cotton lycra, a cottony stretchable material to ensure it f its well all types of faces. 

This Telekung Mini is guaranteed to make you feel good and look good as we tailored it with full of precision just to ensure your pilgrimage is at a very khusyuk level.