Telekung Kanak-kanak - Telekung Little Miss Aisya

  1. Which one is better? You teach your kids to solah or you just delegate it to their school?
  2. Imagine how your beautiful little daughter can pray at the age of 3 years old.
Are you aware that kids learn faster at a very young age. At the age of 2- 6 years old, the mind of the kids works wonder because they see things differently from how the adults see things. For example, you see a broom that sweeps the floor as a broom but to the kids, the broom can also be seen as a magic broom that can bring them fly.
So, some of you must be wandering why does some kids can pray and recite some surahs at a very young age right?
Well, like we mentioned above, it is what we do that will actually inspire them to be like us. In another words, most of the kids tend to follow and emulate what the parents does as they perceive it as something cool. Without them realizing, they want to be just like the parents as the parents are their so-called life hero.
For the mom who aspires to guide the little girl to pray, you should get a pair or two cute little telekung for your kids. It would be better if your kids telekung resembles wht you wear.
We at The Zaahara Telekung has provided a well comfortable sewn telekung for your kids to start enjoying their prayer same like their mothers.
Ask your kids to pair her new telekung with your telekung and ‘walla’…Don’t be surprised your daughter will start asking you out to the masjid.
So mom, get the telekung kids now and start enjoying your moment in shaping your kids towards the love of Allah.
This little act will InsyaAllah be highly rewarded by Allah.