Telekung Travel - Telekung Sofia

If you are URBAN, INDEPENDENT and also always ON THE-GO Muslimah, then Telekung Sofia is a MUST HAVE definitely.

The telekung travel is specially designed to fit in most of the handbags in Malaysia. It is small, compact, light and convenient. Without doubt if you have size M handbags, this telekung travel will fit in just well.

The most important aspect about this travelling telekung is the material used as it is made of Chinese Cotton – airy, cooling also very comfortable and is breathable. We promise this telekung travel will solve the problem of most travel telekungs in Malaysia – which are usually shorter in length and made of parachute material, which easily flies off under the fan.

This is our all-time bestseller. Customer usually starts off with this telekung, then they come back for more. 

We started off with 6 pastel colours, but thanks to feedbacks from customers, we have now improvised the design of this telekung. The latest series comes also in darker colours, and has two layers of material until the chest area. 

Many but this telekung for themselves, and then they like it so much, they buy them as gifts for their family and friends. 

It's only RM90! Where else can you get such a good quality telekung at such a price? 

Do click on each product, and scroll down to see all our customers reviews. Here are some of them: 

Customer #1
"I can't go a day without my favourite travelling telekung in my bag.” Jameelah 

Customer #2
"Telekung ini tidak nipis ,ringan & berbaloi dgn harga. Insha allah saya akan beli untuk my family member & friend," Atira.

Customer #3
"I'm very satisfied with the purchase as it fits all my expectations. I love the material, I love the tailorship and the face area just fits me perfectly and of course the length of the telekung is a-okay! ," Astri R.

Customer #4
"The best on-the-go telekung! Perfect for all Muslimah looking for comfy light-weight telekung and it's length is a plus point for tall ladies! ," Siti A.