Telekung Travel - Telekung Sofia

If you are URBAN, SOPHISTICATED, INTELLIGENT, INDEPENDENT and also always ON THE-GO Muslimah, then Telekung Sofia is a MUST HAVE definitely.

The telekung travel comes in 6 pastel colors to choose from and it gives you a variety of colors to choose from. Change your daily mood by collecting all the colors.

The telekung travel is specially designed to fit in most of the handbags in Malaysia. It is small, compact, light and convenient. Without doubt if you have size M handbags, this telekung travel will fit in just well.

The most important aspect that can CHEER you up about this travelling telekung is the material used as it is made of Chinese Cotton – airy, cooling also very comfortable and is breathable.

We promise this telekung travel will solve the problem of – slim material, short in length and it flies if there’s wind blown.

Refer to some comment made by our customers. More can be referred at the product column.

What others have said about this:

Customer #1

"I can't go a day without my favourite travelling telekung in my bag.” Jameelah 

Customer #2

"I love the material and I will buy it for the others that I love" Sarah Hani.


Telekung Travel (Telekung Sofia) has proven over the time as the number 1 must- have telekung. 8 out of 10 customers are usually a happy customer and they have been returning to either buy more of the Telekung Sofia or even add on other collection from us.

So yeah, get one today and be among those ladies who are happy with our telekung collections.