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About Us

  1. Tired of the same type of telekung being sold everywhere?
  2. Should telekung be about a brand that can lead the sense of arrogance and pride?
  3. Every telekung is designed based on different function – e.g. telekung travel, telekung hantaran, telekung daily etc.
  4. Telekung is too expensive since it is a lucrative business?

We understand and we hear you ladies!

Let us share the good news to all of you ladies.

We at The Zaahara Telekung aims to educate the ladies about the telekung as most of you are not aware that telekung come in a different types and the costing depends on the types as well.

For those who are not familiar with Telekung, the frequent question that we received are:

  1. Why is the telekung expensive
  2. Are we locally made or imported from Indonesia or Vietnam
  3. What is the difference between each of our telekung

Most of our buyers come from online purchase as buyers prefers the buying sensation that we give them and also it is based on their convenient.

We offers a wide and simple range of telekung such as basic series, travel series, wedding series, haj series and lastly children series.

The series are created in such a way that each customer will have the luxury of getting all the telekungs as all the telekungs fit each one of your life requirement.

For example:

  1. Travel Series is a must as it complements the hectic life schedule of a modern Muslim ladies.
  2. Basic series is the type of telekung sewn carefully for a high standard of perfection which is aim to bring comfort and joy whenever you don it.

The Zaahara Telekung creates a moment of reflection as we aim to bring people closer to Allah in a simplified manner.

Through the love of telekungs, each of us can do the dakwah without being judgmental towards the other person.

So be inspired to be the beloved slave of Allah by first getting your new set of telekung from The Zaahara Telekung and share with others about the joy of praying with your new telekung that makes you look good and feel good.

What are you waiting for?