Waqaf Telekung

From time to time, we receive request from various parties for waqaf telekung (i.e donation/sadaqah). They are either receivers, requesting for telekungs (flood victims, pusat anak yatim, persatuan NGO etc.) or donors who wishes to purchase them in bulk to give out to suraus and masjids. If you are interested, you can:


Choose to waqaf telekung by purchasing any of the telekungs below. We will then put them aside and pass it to relevant parties. For current project, view here.

Do note that for Option 1, we will be giving out a mixture of different telekungs (including our rejected ones) but worry not, they will all be in good wearable conditions.


Choose to purchase these telekungs in bulk here. For this option, you distribute the telekungs yourself, to your chosen party. 

Affordable Telekung Arafah for  wakaf at surau and masjids