Dear sisters.

We love you! And for that reason, we would like to instill each and every one of you to pray. 

No matter how busy you are, or if you think you've drifted away a little too far, or if you're at your lowest point in life, go on and take that wudu', and just pray. Even if you have never prayed, just pray!  

No matter who you are in the outside world, be it a teacher, a gym instructor, a writer, a banker or a housewife, we wish to provide you with the upmost comfortable praying attire.

We believe that comfort can establish the right spiritual mood for that special time you spend communicating with Allah. 

Different attires can suit your different needs - for your Hajj or Umrah trip, for your hectic daily on-the-go lifestyle, for that quiet time in the middle of the night, for tarawikh prayers (which can be quite hot sometimes!), and even for gifts.