Sponsor a New Muslim Sister!


Every day, we welcome a new Muslim into the folds of Islam. That is the good news. Unfortunately, our Ummah has not been able to address the various needs of new Muslims yet, and as a result, many of them leave Islam. Many new Muslims experience social pressure, abandonment from families and friends, emotional stress and lack of support from the community.

Zaahara, in partnership with New Muslim Care (NMC), an organization that provides support and guidance for new Muslims, is running a campaign to fundraise 500 prayer sets, consisting of our specially made Telekung Farhana and a prayer mat.

Our Telekung Farhana, which means Joyful or Happy, is the perfect telekung for new Muslims as it is comfortable, simple and clean, as is the religion of Islam.

Let’s help our new sisters to experience the beauty of prayer, and receive the on-going rewards for our sadaqah, in sha Allah.

 How can you help?

  • By contributing RM90, you will be helping to support a new Muslim in their journey with one prayer set (Telekung Farhana + prayer mat).
  • With RM 80, you will be sponsoring one Telekung Farhana for a new sister in Islam.
  • You may also donate any amount of cash to help us achieve our target to raise funds for 500 prayer sets.

To find out more about NMC and what they do, visit their website at http://www.newmuslimcare.org/ orhttps://www.facebook.com/NewMuslimCareKualaLumpur