NAFAS Active Hijab in Nude





 Size S M L
Face Opening (Inch) 9" 10" 10.5"
Back Length (Inch) 28" 28" 28"
Front Length (Inch) 20.5" 20.5" 23"


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Product Info 

Nafas Active Hijab is your go-to slip on hijab, catered for light weight activities. It is made from breathable and airy microfibre material, weighing only 90g. 

It comes in neutral easily-matched colours. Most importantly, it is made with modesty in mind, covering the chest area. 

  • Easy to wear - just slip on.
  • Airy and light (90g) and breathable material. 
  • Sizes is according to face size. 
  • It’s long, covering the chest. 
  • Easy to wash and care. Machine wash friendly.
  • Fast-drying. So that you can use it the next day. 
  • Scallop design - so that you can see the nice flow when wearing it. 

    Although an active hijab, you may also use it for your other daily activities like grocery shopping or for that short trip to the kedai mamak. 

    Info Produk

    Nafas Active Hijab ini sangat sesuai untuk wanita yang inginkan keselesaan ketika beraktiviti riadah di luar rumah, mereka yang mementingkan penutupan aurat. 

    Terdapat 4 warna basic dan 3 saiz muka yang boleh dipilih. Nafas Active Hijab diperbuat daripada bahan microfiber yg sangat ringan. 

    • Mudah dipakai - hanya 'slip-on'
    • Hanya 90g, diperbuat dari bahan microfiber ringan dan selesa. 
    • Panjang dan menutupi dada. 
    • Mudah untuk dijaga. Boleh dibasuh dengan mesin basuh. 
    • Cepat kering. Jadi boleh cepat kering dah terus dipakai hari esoknya. 


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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      Alia Liyana (Petaling Jaya, MY)
      Sangat selesa!

      NAFAS Active Hijab sangat selesa! It’s very light sampai rasa macam tak pakai tudung😆.. Labuh dia pun nice tutup dada.. 👍🏻👍🏻

      Fadiah Zabidey (Kuala Lumpur, MY)

      I love it so much…selesa and elok labuh nye

      Laily Sakinah (Kuala Lumpur, MY)
      I thought I didn't wear anything on my head

      It was light and I almost forgotten I am wearing a sports hijab. LOL!

      Laily Sakinah (Subang Jaya, MY)
      Microfiber fabric same like the Nike Football jersey

      If you have purchased Nike jersey, you would know what I mean. The material used for this sports tudung is the same as the Nike Jersey and I am so comfortable when wearing it. It give additional breathing to the head and thus I can exercise with fun. No more complain when I do my daily walking and yoga.