Sarong / Kain Pelikat/ Lungi in Black & White


Have you ever noticed that kain pelikat is actually something that is very useful for the men who are mobile and travels a lot?

It wasn’t just made for home usage or just for the old Muslim men to pray. Although 80 percent used for this purpose.

The trendy BLACK AND WHITE PELIKAT is so trendy that you can use for:

  1. Solat – this is commonly used for nowadays.
  2. Events – Sometimes, all you need is the pelikat and a nice kurta, baju melayu on top. You’ll look great definitely.
  3. Casual outing – You can wear it with t-shirts and you are ready to walk around
  4. Kain Samping – Just mix it with Baju Melayu, you’ll look great.
  5. Wedding gift
  6. Homewear – It can be used for homewear whenever you feel like it. You can also sleep in it.
  7. Umrah wear
  8. Travel gear – light and easy to bring around
  9. Aurat coverage just in case you need it

Well, let us bring explain to you a little bit about the kain pelikat that will shed away the myth that we have all this while.

Kain pelikat has been around for hundreds of years. It is known as Pelikat, palaikat, sarong, lungi, futah, izaar, kain sarung and also longyi. Various countries such as Arab, Bangladesh, Myanmar and many more are familiar with the pelikat. In the Western countries, most are familiar with Sarong.

If you need to travel and there’s not many things you can bring in the luggage, it is therefore a recommended item to have. It is light, foldable and it dries fast. So technically a must have for backpackers and light traveler.

The Gajah Duduk Pelikat is famous among Malaysians and Indonesians. It doesn’t need much explanation. One of the most sought after brands among the men from these two countries.

"It's a perfect gift for my dad. He loves it!" Fatin


Product Info

Kain Pelikat/Sarong is a popular prayer wear and home wear for majority of Muslims. 

Instead of the usual traditional design, here is a more chic and modern design for the men. The Black and White Sarong comes in random design with a mix of Black, Off-white, Grey colours. 

Cotton Material.

This one here is with 4000 thread count - a comfortable thread count. 

They're RM35/pc or get 3pcs for RM75. 

NOTE: You can never get the exact same design of sarongs. The designs however are randomly selected!

Info Produk

Kain pelikat memang popular di samping para lelaki di Nusantara juga di India dan Pakistan. 

Kain pelikat Black + White ini sangat sesuai dengan citarasa golongan muda kerana design dan warnanya moden dan mudah utk dipadankan dengan baju melayu atau baju kurta. 

Material katun (cotton)

Benang 4000. 

RM35/satu atau beli 3x untuk RM75. 

NOTA: Corak ada secara rawak. Gambar hanya sebagai contoh.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Moname (Vancouver, CA)
Useful Piece of Clothing

I was introduced to the Kain Pelikat through a friend from Malaysia. I was very impressed with the versatility he showed me with his. I will be using mine all the time now. Thanks Zaahara for making it possible for me to own the quality gajah duduk brand all the way here in Canada.

Nadia (Subang Jaya, MY)
Bought this kain for my brother

Yayyy finally arrived today 🤩i bought this kain pelikat for my brother because he’s more comfortable using kain pelikat than shorts at home. The quality also nice and soft. even random colour, the colour still nice.

Lydia (Subang Jaya, MY)
It comes in a nice exclusive box

With RM 50, I get the kain pelikat inside the exclusive box. Was in hurry to look for something and found this kain pelikat inside the nice box! Grab and go. Will definitely buy more again for my husbands and sibblings.

Amylia (Subang Jaya, MY)
Bought for my husband since he like kain pelikat so much

My husband has a black kain pelikat. So I got himself a new pair of kain pelikat and he loves it so much. He even requested for me to get him more of this kind.

Nur'Atikah (Subang Jaya, MY)
My 3rd times buy this pelikat

I bought 6 for my husband and my siblings. All of them love it! They said beautiful design, big opening, and size is standard.
I have been buying this pelikat many times and each time, I am a happy woman!

Julie Ahamad (Subang Jaya, MY)
For my father in kampung

I missed my dad since we can't go back to Ipoh. So got himself a pack of kain pelikat as a gift. Inserted a gift note as well.
Once he received, he gave me a call and he appreciated what I just gave him.
Feel like crying!

Kamarul Hisyam Hashim (Subang Jaya, MY)
Suitable as a gift

A simple gifting ideas for men. Simple but yet very meaningful.

Fikri Hasmori (Subang Jaya, MY)
Worth every single penny I spent

Alhamdulillah. My first time buying the pelikat from Zaahara. Actually my first time buying pelikat online. I am very happy. It has become my normal clothes while at home. So comfortable. Patutlah orang dulu-dulu suka pakai kain kat rumah!

khairunnida bt yaakob (Subang Jaya, MY)
Saya hadiahkan untuk suami.

Saya beli untuk suami baru-baru ni. Alhamdulillah. Suami suka sangat. Boleh repeat order lagi Ramadhan nanti.

Noormasni binti Haron (Subang Jaya, MY)
My Abah love the material so much

A simple birthday present for my Abah recently and he loves it so much. He likes the material and the design.
I bought for him a few and he has been using it almost every other day.
It has been ages since he last bought himself his own kain pelikat.

A happy Abah, a happy daughter.