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Upcycling used prayer wear. The first in Malaysia to have done this.

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Telekung is a prayer garb used by Muslim women for their five daily prayers. And because of its religious status as a prayer garment, it is never thrown away. Even when Muslim women buy new ones, old telekung are often kept clean in the cupboard.

Muslimah wear brand Zaahara wants Muslim women to upcycle their used telekung and help single mothers so it has launched an ongoing initiative to collect used telekung in exchange for a 10 per cent discount on its products.

The telekung will then be turned into telekung bags by Suri Lifestyle, a social enterprise for single and underprivileged mothers to provide financial opportunity by sewing.

Brand chief executive and co-founder Anas Pawan Chik says the company sees a collaborative opportunity that helps consumers upcycle their unused prayer garments and at the same time, help single mothers.

"We will collaborate with Suri to help 40 single mothers for Zaahara's latest project to recycle 5,000 telekung pieces in its first phase,"


Customers can donate their telekung to Zaahara's office in Subang Jaya. The company is also working on having drop-off points to ease donation. "We accept all kinds of telekung, all colours and materials," he says.

Anas says this project is expected to provide an opportunity for these single mothers to generate additional income of between RM3,750 to RM7,500 based on RM10 to RM20 for a bag sewn.

Each of the single mothers will be given the task of sewing 375 telekung bags. These bags will later be sold both by Zaahara and by Suri Lifestyle and proceeds from these sale, on Zaahara's end, will go into other social initiatives.

"It all started with our customers who kept asking us where to donate their old telekung when they buy new ones,"


Telekung recycle


This article is written by Pn Syida Lizta from NST.




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