Travel Telekung ringan dan mudah dibawa diperbuat dari kain cotton cina (Chinese cotton). Travel telekung cotton ini beratnya 600g dan tidak akan terbang bila ditiup angin seperti travel telekung lain. Travel telekung cotton ini mudah dibawa ke mana-mana

The Story Behind The Zaahara Travel Telekung

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ZAAHARA started off in 2012 selling cotton telekung travel that was brought in from Indonesia. It was such a hit that our supplier could not meet the demand. Not just that, the quality of the telekung travel that reached us deteriorate every time, with stains and holes.  Sadly, even with good sales, we also made loss due to this.

Demand remained high and new customers kept on asking about our famous telekung travel . They love the material!; light enough to be brought travelling but not too light that it rises with the fan breeze. And so we decided one day, to tailor our own telekung travel.

We searched high and low for the same cotton material and when we finally found it, we were even happier because it’s slightly thicker! PERFECT!


We chose colours that were customer’s favourites! Pastel colours. Sweet and not too distracting to others during solat. We've improved it and make it longer to fit Malaysians; who are generally taller than Indonesians. We changed the motif to something that symbolizes travelling, feathers.

We've poured a lot of love and passion in coming out with this telekung travel and we hope you will love them too!

So here it is, The Telekung Sofia :)

Note: The first batch got sold out in 3 days! Do sign up our newsletter at to make sure you catch them the next time!

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