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Top 5 Islamic Montessori in Malaysia

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Montessori education got its name from Maria Montessori who was an Italian educator. She had developed her idea of education while working with mentally challenged students. Her method of teaching had been proven to be highly effective. Children are given freedom in their education system.

Montessori believed that children should acquire knowledge on their own pace. Teachers are only there to guide the children but not force knowledge down children’s throat. Schools that have adopted the Montessori way of education will provide self-learning environment for children all over the world.

There a few Montessori schools in Malaysia and these schools have also included Islamic teaching in their educational system. In today’s post, we will be discussing the top 5 Islamic Montessori in Malaysia.

Our list is based on our personal picks. You can agree or disagree with this list all you want but our intention is to inform you all of the existence of Montessori schools in Malaysia.

Without further a due, let’s begin our list. Brainy Bunch International Islamic Montessori Standing on the top place is none other than Brainy Bunch International Islamic Montessori. Yup, our number one pick is not surprising at all. To us, we think that Brainy Bunch is the best because it is an all-rounder. It offers day care, preschool, elementary and high school programs. At Brainy Bunch, their mission is to create a better ideal world by educating children using Quran and Sunnah sources. They also want the students to be well fluent in English. Islamic values are taught at Brainy Bunch to their students in order to develop better Muslims in our children. Brainy Bunch believe that with the right education and the right environment, children can grow up and become better humans and Muslims compared to their parents. Seven Skies International Islamic Montessori In second place we have the infamous Seven Skies International Islamic Montessori. If you enroll your children in Seven Skies, you will not regret it! Your children will experience experiential learning which will bring out the best in your children’s personality development. Seven Skies think that Islam is the most significant feature in every Muslims’ lives so the programs and subjects taught at Seven Skies is Islamic based. Like Brainy Bunch, it also provides a kindergarten, primary and secondary program that is beneficial for all. Nuh’s Ark Islamic Montessori School Coming in at third place is Nuh’s Ark Islamic Montessori School. It was established back in the year 1993 located in Shah Alam. Nuh’s Ark was named after one of our prophets, Prophet Nuh A.S and Nuh’s Ark Islamic Montessori School follows Prophet Nuh’s mission. This Montessori school believe that children are curious and admire animals and the nature, that is why at Nuh’s Ark, they provide a natural loving environment for children to advance their knowledge and help with their character development. We love their slogan “Nuh’s Ark is an ‘arkful’ for children”. Nuh’s Ark is a little different from the previous two schools in the area of its program. At Nuh’s Ark, not only do they provide a preschool, reception and primary, but they also offer a program for special needs kids. Nimblebee Entreprenuerial Pre-school Next we have the Nimblebee Entreprenuerial Pre-school. Nimblebee’s mission is to deliver a safe Islamic environment to help develop children’s mental, physical and emotional aspects through the teachings of Quran and Sunnah. Their aim is to create children who will become great leaders and lead this world to have be better for generations to come. What makes Nimblebee stands out from the rest of the Montessori schools is that it has 6 programs in total. For children 3 years old and below, they have the Funhouse program and for 4 to 6-year-old children, they have the choice of being enrolled in primary or deeniyyah program. The Nimble Scientist program focus primarily on science whereas the Physical Education program is more on physical lifestyle. The final program is the Nimble Mandarin which is for 3 to 6-year olds. Idrissi International Primary School And in our final spot is Idrissi International Primary School. At this school, the children have a right to get quality education. Idrissi encourages its students to learn according to Quran and Sunnah then apply its teachings in their everyday life. Parents who desire their kids to have a clear understanding of Islam and faith should register their children at Idrissi. There you have it, the top 5 Islamic Montessori in Malaysia. If you want your kids to have a better future and be better Muslims, sign up now to any of the schools mentioned above.

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