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5 reasons why I use Uber instead of driving in Klang Valley, Malaysia

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Kuala Lumpur is one of the highly dense city in the South East Asia and sometimes driving can be a nuisance especially during the peak hours and whenever there is rain.

I therefore have decided to use Uber or Grab services whenever I need to travel to Kuala Lumpur.

5 tops reasons why I choose Uber and Grab that you wouldn’t be surprised except for number 5

1. Parking

Parking at parking lot in the mall

Parking is charged based on hours and the maximum per day parking rate in Kuala Lumpur can be up to RM 20. For a 4 hours car park at KLCC, you will be charged a maximum of RM 17. Crazy right?

2. Can do work in the car / meeting

two men doing work in the car

I had my interview in the car 10 years ago.  Besides that, I have done seiveral jobs in the car while using the grab/ uber services. Convinient!

3. Sleep in the car

 Sleep in the car

This is the best! Leave all the hassle of traffic to your grab/uber driver. Let them drive and you can just doze off for a while. Even a 10 minute power nap can bring joy to your life.

4. Spend time with kids in the car

Spend time with kids in the car

You can take the time to play with your kids or chit chatting with them in the car. Its like having a driver for your family. Why not?

5. Reading Quran or Dzikir in the car

Reading Quran and Doing Dzikir in the car

Don't be surprised that with the time in the car, you can take some time to read Quran or doing some dzikir. Perhaps you can read up to 10 pages depending on the traffic and the distance.

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