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Benefits and joy of shopping with orphanage

Posted by ANAS PAWAN CHIK on

Today I would like to share with you guys on what we have done every raya and honestly, Ramadan last year was one of the best.

From 2014, me and wife have been doing the shopping raya with orphanage. In 2014, it was me and wife. In 2015, there were bigger team which comprise of me, wife and some friends. But in 2016, we have such a huge team who wanted to be volunteeers, donors, adopters, sponsors etc. All in all, we have more than 20 sponsors and a total of 70 orphanage.

The kids were totally happy as some of them never had a chance to go shopping. We managed to surprised the kids by telling them that they can take whatever they want from Al-Ikhsan!

Some of there was about to cry in disbilief as they can never imagine this kind of things can actually happen.

As for me, I had fun! So much fun as I managed to gather more people to participate.

More people that came on that day learned something valuable which is to treat poor kids in a normal manner.

The problem with us in the capitalists society, we tend to look on poor people as one kind. Isn’t it?

Well, due to that I have this strong will in me to assist more people to contribute back to the society. Not just in monetary basis but also on action basis.

I just hope with this video, more of my friends will participate for this year. Or else, I will still do it!

Charity begins with the niat. Other than that, Allah will assist.

Orphanage Ramadhan with Orphanage Shopping bersama anak yatim shopping with orphanage

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