Foldable Sejadah or also known as sejadah sandar/lipat

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Foldable Sejadah or also known as sejadah lipat is an innovation made to the normal sejadah which is normally used just for prayer. This sejadah is unique whereby it can be used for different purposes such as : to pray, to sit, to sleep and to store some items as well.

This Sejadah is a good for those who have weak knees as there is padding on the sejadah. The sejadah is able to withstand 100kg person who sit and lean againts it.

Many have purchased this for themselves and also to give away to the person who they believe might require this kind of sejadah.

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  • hello salam. Do you still have the sejadah sandar? How much will it be to ship out to singapore?

    Nur Zulaikha Bte Zulkifli on

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