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Kurma Ajwa directly from farm in Madinah to your doorstep in Malaysia

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Anas ibn Malik reported: The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, would break his fast before praying with fresh dates. If there were no fresh dates, then with dry dates. If there were no dry dates, then with some sips of water.

Source: Sunan al-Tirmidhī 696

Since there is a strong hadith on breaking fast with dates, we hereby are happy to say that for this coming Ramadhan, Zaahara is one of the stockist for Madinah Kurma under the brand name of Aswadan. They are a new company in Malaysia based in Damansara and has been operating since last year pre-Ramadhan.

We have tasted their kurma and we love it so much that we believe it should be shared among our readers and followers.

Kurma Aswadan for bulan Ramadhan


The types of kurma that we are selling is:

  1. Ajwa
  2. Ajwa Aliyah
  3. Safawi
  4. Medjool
  5. Barny

These are common types of kurma that Malaysian loves and for those who have been to Madinah will be familiar with ajwah and besides that, Medjool is a very popular kurma among Malaysians too. They are big, fat and juicy and mostly Medjool come from Palestine and US. However, the Medjool from Madinah is not bad at all. It taste even better to be honest.


Kurma for bulan puasa


As for Kurma Safawi, it doesn’t need any introduction. Yusuf Taiyyub have been promoting Safawi for almost a decade long.

Lastly, Barny. I have not heard Barny ever since I eat kurma but once I tasted the sample, I fall in love with that type. It is small and juicy. The price is the cheapest among all the kurma.

This Ramadhan will be very special with Kurma Aswadan. They come with a very attractive packaging and you can give to your loved ones as a gift. Besides that, you can also buy kurma to donate to masjid since they will require a lot of kurma for the iftar (buka puasa) session.

If you are interested with the kurma, you may contact 0123315322 (Anas bin Pawan Chik).

2020 buka puasa kurma Ramadhan

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