myBurgerLab Review

myBurgerLab Review

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myBurgerLab is a burger joint that was born and bred in Malaysia. This burger place was inspired by the countless burger joints that we all know and love : such as In-N-Out, ShakeShack and FiveGuys. But the only problem was that none of these praised and famous burger joints never expanded into the Malaysian market. Therefore the founders of myBurgerLab decided, for themselves, that Malaysia will create its own loved burger joint. And alas, myBurgerLab was born. myBurgerLab is found in 4 separate locations around the capital. There are myBurgerLab outlets in Sunway, OUG, Cyberjaya and Seapark.


Now, the origins of myBurgerLab sound tempting but is it all that it is hyped to be? Is it actually a Malaysian version of all these popular international burger spots? Well, I am here to let you know. So I am a student of International Medical University and one of our main campuses was in Bukit Jalil. So as a new student, about 3 years ago : one of my seniors decided to take us, juniors, out for a heart-to-heart, get-to-know each other session. And the seniors suggested that we go to myBurgerLab. I loved it the first time, and I kept going back. myBurgerLab is an IMU staple. You’re not a student of IMU if you have never been to myBurgerLab. And there’s a good reason why we all love myBurgerLab so much.


Firstly, myBurgerLab has great burgers! They mostly specialise on burgers but there are occasions where the serve other items like salads and pastas. But trust me, the foundation of myBurgerLab is their burger and that is more than enough to create hype around. One thing that I absolutely love about their burgers is that they are made fresh. The meat is actually meat. Wether you order a beef burger or a chicken burger. You can bet your bottom dollar that you are getting great quality meat. The beef is succulent and sweet. The chicken is hearty and robust. It’s really great quality ingredients. And with that basis down, the rest of the burger is just amazing as well. Not only do they have premium ingredients. They also have a creative menu. It is not just your typical beef cheeseburger or your chicken burger. myBurgerLab has funky creations that sound crazy but delicious. They have burgers like the Heart Attack (a 3x burger patty, 3x cheese slice), Ultimate Egg Slut (glazed donut stuffed with scrambled eggs), Hangover (beef patty topped with a hash brown and dozed with maple syrup) and The Ultraman 3.0 (a chicken patty drenched with salted egg yolk sauce). *They do have vegetarian options and a build-your-own burger option for those of you who are wondering . The list goes on and honestly, it’s lowkey fun to just read through the menu as the names are so whimsical.


Secondly, the staff are so nice! I’m not exaggerating. I have only had great experience each time I went to myBurgerLab (and I’ve been there a lot). The staff are always so welcoming and helpful. Depending on the branch that you go to, there are things like a wall of pictures or a wall of foreign currency. This shows the interaction between the staff and the customer. The staff is concerned with your experience and they show it to you. But don’t worry, it isn’t in an overbearing way. It’s very heart-warming to actually have people care about your food and serve it to you with a smile and great manners.


Now before you go, I have to send you off with my recommendations because I think that they are fool-proof. So typically when you order a burger, you have the option of making it into a meal. And that meal is served with your choice or either mashed potatoes or fries (and they have an AMAZING dipping sauce with the fries) as well as a bottomless drink (self-service). So when I go, my go-to burger would definitely have to be the Bait & Switch. It is a fried chicken thigh patty topped with this amazing thai-like, buds-like sauce that is just to-die-for! It hits all the right spots and believe me, I always finish this burger (cause I don’t usually finish my entire burger at one sitting). It’s too good to hold back on. And also, for those of you who have a little space left after the burger meal : then you must, MUST try the Molten Vanilla Brownie. It is one of the greatest decadent treats that you can find. And it’s so worth the calories, the money and the wait (only about 20 minutes).



Article is written by: 

Fatin Najwa binti Daud, is a medical student studying at IMU Malaysia. She is a freelance writer of this blog at Zaahara. Interests include music, art, sports and travel.

-Photos are taken from google images

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