Sunnah's of the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. (Part 1)

Sunnah's of the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. (Part 1)

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Sunnah refers to the teachings of our blessed Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w). Our Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) lived his life solely for the sake of Allah (s.w.t). Everything that he did, everything that he taught was to make Allah (s.w.t) happy. He was the most beautiful man to have ever exist. His heart and his soul radiated happiness and joy to the Ummah. He lived, breathed and died for Islam and Allah (s.w.t). Therefore, it only makes sense for us to abide by his teachings and follow in his footsteps. And hopefully, we can be granted into Jannah with the blessings of Allah (s.w.t) and Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w).

Every little thing that Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) did had its unique little purpose. And he only did good by this world, therefore as we choose to implement more of the sunnah into our lives : we can start to build a more positive energy around us. We can start to live our lives for the sake of Allah (s.w.t) which is the way He intended it. We can start to do small acts of kindness and good that please our Almighty Creator which will also weigh heavy on our scales on the Day of Judgement. Therefore, try to incorporate these sunnah into your life and watch as the blessings fall upon you.

  1. Smile

One of the simplest things to do is to smile. Smile to your neighbour, smile to your friends, smile to your family and smile to complete strangers. Allah (s.w.t) graced our faces with such beautiful smiles. Our lips and mouth were not intended to chronically frown. Smiling takes less work than frowning (it actually physically takes less work because you use less muscles when you smile). Not only that, but smiling is contagious. This means that you can be the start of a shining, positive domino effect. From one smile to another. Remember, this world is way too sad and depressing for us to live in perpetual negativity. Therefore, smile. When you smile, your brain receives signals and messages that indicate that you are happy (regardless of your smile being genuine or fake). Therefore, you are literally not losing when you smile.

Our Prophet (pbuh) was said to always have a smile on his face. Remember, this is a man who has had many trials and heartbreaking tribulations throughout his life. He has has to bury his children, his wife and his family. He was mocked and abused by the disbelievers. He had to endure some of this dunya’s hardest tests but despite it all, he still had the strength to smile. SubhanAllah.

  1. Sleep Early and Wake up Early

It is said that the Prophet (pbuh) used to sleep early after Ishak prayers and wake up in the last one third of the night (some of the most blessed hours of the day). The last one third of the night is extremely significant. Allah (s.w.t) descends down to the lowest level of Jannah, where He is closest to us, and He sees who is awake, seeking help and guidance from Allah (s.w.t) as well as standing in prayer for the remembrance of Allah (s.w.t).

Also, scientifically, you are most efficient when you sleep early and wake up early. This is because your body’s biological clock regulates itself according to time. When the sun goes down, you sleep. This helps with natural melatonin production and actually helps you with better sleep. All in all, sleeping early and waking up early is good for your soul and your body.

  1. Speaking Only Good Things

Our mouths are responsible for most of our sins. The sins that we commit usually come from the mouth. It comes from foul talk, unnecessary talk, excessive talking and useless words. It comes from evil talk, negative talk, gossiping and back-biting. If we were to stay silent, how many sins would we save ourselves from.

Most of the times, we do not notice the negative things we say but they actually affect us and those around us. Therefore, the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) only spoke of good things. He would only speak for praise, encouragement, positivity and goodness. Whenever something bad or evil came about, he would remain silent. And that is how it should be. Our mouths should only speak good. If something is bothering us, and is bound to make us angry or upset or make us do something we regret : then stay silent. For the consequences of opening our mouths will cost us our good deeds.


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Fatin Najwa binti Daud, is a medical student studying at IMU Malaysia. She is a freelance writer of this blog at Zaahara. Interests include music, art, sports and travel.

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