Sunnah's of the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. (Part 2)

Sunnah's of the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. (Part 2)

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  1. Making Wudu before sleeping and sleeping on the right hand side.


There are many sunnah of the Prophet that occur at nighttime. One of the most common ones was for Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) to make wudhu (ablution) before he slept. So that he would fall asleep in a state of wudhu. Prior to falling asleep, he would make sure that he had prayed his voluntary prayers as well. This means the final voluntary prayer of the day : Ishak. Apart from praying and making wudhu, another sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) was to discuss Islam with his companions or his wife or to the people before falling asleep. He used to also sleep on his right hand side.


This sunnah is really important for many reasons. Firstly, we are never guaranteed another day on this dunya. We are not guaranteed life therefore we must make the most out of every day, out of every prayer. We must act as if we are not given another day to live. If Allah (s.w.t) wants to take us when we are asleep, it would be better if we lay in bed with our wudhu (in a clean state with a clean and tranquil mind). Secondly, there are many rewards in the nighttime. Therefore, if we utilise our time to talk about Islam, to focus on our voluntarily and sunnah prayers as well as to do other acts of worship then (insyaAllah) Allah (s.w.t) will be more pleased with us. Every second we get, we must put it into good use. We must not waste it on things that does not better ourselves. We are all guilty of this, myself included. I do tend to waste my time by scrolling endlessly through Instagram and other social media networks. And it’s not that it is a bad thing but it isn’t the most effective use of our time. Therefore, if you have the chance : make the time to focus on Allah (s.w.t) and Islam. And May Allah (s.w.t) reward you for your efforts.


  1. To shower Ghusl on a Friday


Every Friday is a great day. Because Friday is the day in which our ummah gathers to mosques and masjid to pray Jummah. It is said that Friday is the best day. For there is one hour between Asr and Maghrib (called as the hour of response) where Allah listens and grants your Dua and your prayers.


Therefore, it is sunnah to do a few things before going for Jummah prayers on Friday. A few include, clipping the nails, grooming hair, wearing fresh clothes (Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) loved the colour white), wearing your best and fragrant perfume as well as making Ghusl showers. A Ghusl shower is specialised shower. They are more than just ablutions but they are a form of  purification after things such as completion of menstrual cycles, sexual intercourse and ejaculation. It is to cleanse the body from any dirt or any impurities. Ghusl can also be performed before End prayers as well. Like any sunnah : it is not required, but it is recommended. Making ghusl actually makes your body feel cleaner and more rejuvenated : therefore it’s implication in Islam.  


  1. To visit the sick and wounded


It is sunnah to visit the sick and the wounded, wether they are in their own homes or in the hospital. Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) always made an effort to visit any of his Muslim companions and family members as well as the people of Islam when they were unwell.


This is important for both the sick as well as the visitor. The sick and the wounded are usually in a low morale therefore, they always need a little extra motivation and positivity. Therefore by visiting them, you are helping them with their mental well-being. And in more cases, we feel like we can’t help them but actually making the time and effort to visit them : means just as much to them. As the mind and body are connected : a better morale and more positivity helps the patient with recovery. As for the visitor, you are being rewarded by actually helping those who are sick. And when you make dua and prayers for their well-being, Allah (s.w.t) rewards you and the angels make the same dua and prayers for you. So, with that being said, no one loses in this situation. Everyone gains rewards and gains happiness. And that is the way of Islam.


Article is written by: 

Fatin Najwa binti Daud, is a medical student studying at IMU Malaysia. She is a freelance writer of this blog at Zaahara. Interests include music, art, sports and travel.

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