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Telekung Hoverboard by Telekung Amirah Shazana

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There are many telekung brands that are widely known throughout Malaysia and our neighbouring countries such as Brunei, Singapore and Indonesia. Our telekung brands have made a name for themselves. Nowadays, most of people would know and recognize telekung brands like Siti Khadijah, Kareful, Ariani, Zaahara and many others. All of the names mentioned have come out and launched numerous creative designs for their telekungs. They also have a wide variety of colours to cater to their customers’ preferences.

Most of you may not know of the newest telekung brand that goes by the name Amirah Shazana. It is named after its founder and it has been around ever since the year 2015. It runs its business ultimately through online. The store does not only sell telekung, but they also have Muslimah fashion to capture their customers who are Muslimahs. Telekung Amirah Shazana has about 5 different kinds of exclusive telekungs that they launched on their website. All these 5 types of telekung have distinct designs. Customers can choose to buy within the 5 categories which are Telekung Ameerah, Telekung, Pelangi, Telekung Azzahra Premium, Telekung Azzahra Pastel and last but not least Telekung Cotton Pastel.

What makes Telekung Amirah Shazana stands out from the rest of the other telekung brands is that their telekung comes with a matching coloured wristlet where you can keep your telekung in and carry it around. However, this is not how Telekung Amirah Shazana got its fame from.

Believe it or not, Telekung Amirah Shazana got famous for its so called Telekung ‘Hoverboard’. When you hear or read the word hoverboard, you immediately think of Back to the Future’s hoverboard where Michael J. Fox rode a flying sort of skate board in the future to run away from the bad guys in the movie. Well, that was what I thought when I first heard of telekung hoverboard. Of course, I knew that flying skate boards do not exist. So I decided to google it.

Telekung hoverboard


The results showed me images of models in telekung and hoverboards at their feet. I found out that this was the new design for Telekung Amirah Shazana. The pictures receive many negative statements and comments from people. Some people went on to twitter and facebook to share their opinions of it.

They kept on poking fun at it by saying “Late for tarawih? No problem bro!” while referring to the picture of one model using the hoverboard at Bukit Bintang as if she is late for tarawih prayers and hence, that is why she is on a hoverboard. Some expressed by asking what was the correlation between a hoverboard and telekung.

To be honest, I do not know why the hoverboards were in the pictures. Maybe the marketing team for the brand thought that it was a good marketing strategy. Or maybe they thought it would be cool to promote that even if you are a muslimah, you are not backwards.

Personally, I do think that it is quite silly seeing the models wearing telekungs while on hoverboards. I feel like they could have done something else, something more logical and rational to promote their brands. As for the haters that had nothing nice to say, well they are entitled to voice out their opinions. Its just that maybe they could have been nicer in doing that.

Actually, maybe it was a good thing that they used hoverboards in their pictures. After all, it got people talking about it and somehow they rose to fame because of it. So, congrats to Telekung Amirah Shazana!

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