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Telekung Travel: Every Muslim Ladies Praying Solution

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If you are URBAN, SOPHISTICATED, INTELLIGENT, INDEPENDENT and also always ON THE-GO Muslimah, then Telekung Travel (Telekung Sofia) is a MUST HAVE definitely.

Most of our handbags size are Medium and there’s a room for a small and compact travelling telekung to be placed inside the handbag.

With 6 pastel colors to choose from, you can actually have all colors and bring it for work and leisure. You can change the travelling telekung on daily basis or whenever you like.

The most important aspect that can CHEER you up about this travelling telekung is the material used as it is made of Chinese Cotton – airy, cooling and also very comfortable. The ‘kain’ won’t fly if there is wind.


Our customers usually start off buying Telekung Sofia as their first ever ZAAHARA telekung, and then they will always come back as our loyal customers, purchasing other collections.

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  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

    ulxyzdqwnv on
  • Salam,

    Am interested in Telekung Travel Sofia. Kindly wondering if this will be restocked. If yes, when?

    If no, are there plans to release a new range of travel telekungs?

    Eagerly await your kind reply.

    Terima Kasih & Have a baraqah day!

    Nor on

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