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Top 3 French Fries in Klang Valley

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I am guilty of hogging my fries. Fries are a delicacy to me. Fries mean something to me. Fries are my bread and butter, they are what I crave any day of the week, any time of the day ; basically all the time. I am a huge fan of fries (I think that goes without saying) and when it comes to fries : I know what is good. There is an art when it comes to fries. Fries are not soggy, they have a crispy and crunchy exterior with a soft and crumbly interior.

They have to have a shade of golden caramelisation that indicates that they knew how to be fried. They need to be seasoned with enough salt and pepper to make you appreciate the humble potato. It’s more than just a stick of fried potato. It is golden goodness. Now that I have my own mouth salivating with the thought of fries : here are some of my favourite places to get your fried munchie potato sticks. 

  1. Yellow Brick Road

Yellow Brick Road in Damansara Heights is known for their take on brunch and pancakes. But apart from that, they do have a special menu item of Posh Fries. Basically these are truffle fries. A little fancy fancy drizzling of truffle oil over their beautifully fried fries is just what makes it amazing. You can even smell the truffle as the fries are being brought to you. Not only do you get a generous drizzle of truffle oil, you get a sprinkling of freshly grated Parmesan cheese (not the packed flakes but the actual real deal Parmesan). And on the side, you get a cheese dipping sauce that coats your entire throat with goodness. And to make the price a bit more justifiable : the plate it quite large therefore, definitely share with a friend. Or if you’re anything like me : keep the rest for yourself later.

  1. KGB

Killer Gourmet Burgers are brilliant. Not only do they serve great beef and chicken burgers with great sauces. But what they are slowly gaining momentum with is their selection of specialized fries. They serve a range of specialty fries. Ranging from Kimchi with Bulgogi fries, Truffle’d Fries, Jalapeño Fries and many more. These fries are filling, delicious, creamy and oh so decadent. You may feel a little guilty after eating their fries (and may head to the gym the same day) but you definitely will not regret it. Their fries are just so delicious. I am a true believer in their fries. KGB fries have not disappointed me or failed me. Their fries are cut a bit thicker, therefore you get more of the soft interior as opposed to the crunchy exterior. But fear not, it’s still as meaty and hearty as any other fry.

  1. BOFE Eatery

BOFE Eatery is a restaurant up in Petaling Jaya. The place is literally named : “Best OF Everything”. Now, with that being said : do they have the best of fries? It’s a hard question to answer because there are so many great places. But I can vouch that they have a good plate of fries. Also sporting the truffle trend, they serve a plate of truffle fries that are affordable. At the price of RM8.90, they have a similar plate of fries to Yellow Brick Road. Therefore, sometimes when I’m a little low on cash, I head to BOFE instead of YBR.


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