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The Quran : A holy book for Muslims and also humankind

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" If you want Allah to talk to you, open the Quran and read it."


The Quran is Allah (s.w.t)’s final revelation. The Quran was a book that contained the words of Allah (s.w.t). The Quran is much more than just a holy book; it is a core essential of Islam. Believing in the divine source of the Quran and the teachings to the Quran is a pillar of Iman, a quintessential part of being a Muslim.


The Quran is a clear light that Allah (s.w.t) sent down to humankind.


            “This is a book about which there is no doubt, a guidance for those conscious of                                        Allah” (Holy Quran 2:2)”


The Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w), the final prophet over many years, 23 years, through the Angel Jibreel in the month of Ramadan. Allah (s.w.t) commanded Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) to convert the Quran and the message of the Quran to all of humankind. It was a large burden for the Messenger of Allah (s.w.t), but Allah (s.w.t) have the Prophet (pbuh) the strength, the patience and the resilience to convey Allah (s.w.t)’s words. 


What is within the Quran? What is the content of the Quran? The words of Allah (s.w.t). The Quran basically holds everything and anything that we, humankind, need to know for this world and the Hereafter. The Quran shares stories of our prophets, of tribes before us, of events that happened in the past. The Quran holds knowledge on the teachings of Islam, knowledge on our guidances and our lawful rulings. Within the Quran holds what we can and cannot do. It is a book of guidance on how we must conduct out lives. The Quran describes Hell (Jahanam) and Heaven (Jannah) in the Quran.


            “Verily, it is We Who have sent down the Quran and surely, We will guard it (from                      corruption).” (Quran 15:9)


Apart from that, the Quran is also a book of beauty. Everything about the Quran radiates beauty. From the words, the teachings to the tone of recitation to the appearance and aesthetics of the Quran. It is all truly beautiful. In the time of the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w), many people were resistant to accepting Islam, but after hearing his beautiful recitations, they would fall in love with the tone and beauty of the words of Islam. From there, they would convert and follow the true light and guidance of Allah (s.w.t).


The Quran has only one source : Allah (s.w.t). The Quran was written by divinity. A book with such knowledge, of what we know now and what we do not know yet, has to be written by an Almighty God. There is no man, animal or creation that could create the Quran, or something even remotely close to the Quran.

Another beautiful aspect of this Holy book is the structure and composition of the Quran.

Many of us are not aware of just how much knowledge the Quran holds. The Quran holds knowledge of things that we had not known 1400 years ago. Like the science of the miracle of life and the human development. What took scientists years of research, was already revealed in the Quran through Allah’s words. Even things that we do not know (yet), are revealed in the Quran and we just have yet to figure it out, if Allah (s.w.t) wills.


According to research and science, the structure of the Quran is unlike anything else, unlike any book. It is written in a way that had to be through divinity. They call the structure of Quran : a ring composition.

Please watch the link attached to this article about this ring composition. After watching it, your appreciation and love for Allah (s.w.t) and the Quran grows. It makes you in awe of the power and knowledge of Allah (s.w.t). It is truly amazing. SubhanAllah.


Ring Composition in the Quran



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