Time to feed the soil and mental well-being

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It’s time to feed your soul.


These days, you hear a lot of talks and awareness on taking care of our mental & emotional well-being. But the one thing that we always overlook is to take care of our soul. 


Not many can understand the idea of soul, but as Muslims, we believe that every human being has a soul (ar-Ruh), and that our soul separates from us when we sleep (which is why we believe that we’re “dead” when we’re sleeping) and when we die. 


The soul, is apart of us, as much as our mental and emotions, and by taking care of the soul, the rest of our well-being will be taken care of.  Hungry souls are the reason how many non-Muslims found Islam, when they’re looking for that calm and peacefulness within them. 


Ramadhan is the BEST time to feed your soul. What does our soul like to feed on? Some examples include: 

1 - Uttering and listening to Dzikir

2- Reading and listening to the Quran

3- Doing good deeds (i.e charity)

4- Talking to Allah in your prayers, honestly open your heart out to Him


I hope this Ramadhan, we focus on feeding our souls with what it craves for.


May Allah ease and accept our Ibadah, and may we feel closest to Allah this Ramadhan, insyaAllah.


Lotsa ♥, Erin @erinazahara

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