Top 10 Facts about Malaysia you should know

Top 10 Facts about Malaysia you should know

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It has been sixty years since Malaysia became an independent country, free from the reign of the British government. Having been born and raised in such a prosperous country, we Malaysians tend to take it for granted at times and are uninterested to learn more about the country. For starters, here are top ten interesting facts about our peaceful country.

Kinabalu Mount


In Southeast Asia, the highest peak would be at the top of Mount Kinabalu in Sabah. This proud mountain stands a whopping 4,095m high and is 13,435 feet above sea level. The hike up is an exhausting one that takes about two days, but the view you will be rewarded with is exceedingly and overwhelmingly beautiful that all the effort you put in is worth it.

When speaking of islands, Malaysians only mention the really famous ones such as Penang, Langkawi and Pangkor, what they do not know is that the country actually has a huge number of 878 islands. Each island has its own uniqueness, though they are all equally spectacularly stunning.

Unbeknownst to many, the “si” in the name Malaysia has been theorized to refer to Singapore because the two countries were once whole. The name still maintains the “si” even though Singapore has separated from Malaysia since 1965.

Comparing our country to other large ones around the world like Russia and the United States of America, Malaysia does seem rather tiny. This underestimation should be stopped as Sabah and Sarawak combined is bigger than Ireland. And that is only two of the thirteen Malaysian states!

Since Malaysia is the country farthest South on the Eurasian landmass, to go to the country on the farthest North which is Norway, you would have to go through Thailand, Myanmar, China, Kazakhstan and Russia. It would undoubtedly take you a while but the traveling experience would be a memorable one.

The population in Malaysia is 31 million making it a 0.42% of the entire world’s population. The total land area is 328,550 km² which means there are 96 people in just one km². It is no wonder that we are a friendly polite society; surrounded by people, we are never really quite alone.

Petronas Twin Towers


The Petronas Twin Towers used to be the tallest buildings from the year 1998 to 2004 by standing regally at 1,483 feet. Now, alas, Taiwan’s Taipei 101 tower and Dubai’s Burj Khalifa skyscraper have surpassed our two tall twins.

From the tallest to the largest, Sarawak Chamber is in fact the biggest cave chamber on Earth. Situated in Gua Nasib Bagus in Gunung Mulu National Park, the deep dark chamber was first found by three British cavers in 1981. You can enter this chamber by booking in advance with the park for a guide to help assess the safety of the tour and a camping fee for a required overnight in the chamber.

Malaysia has its very own species of tigers, the Malayan Tiger. Unfortunately, these beautiful orange felines are critically endangered with only about 250 to 340 of them. In order to prevent their extinction, organizations work together to stop any poaching activities. They are also kept in zoos for their own safety and the viewing pleasure of many.

Sandy beaches to sun bathe and bask in the splendour of the clear ocean are what makes a paradise, and Malaysia has a lot of them. As a matter of fact, it has about 4,600 km of seafront. There are plenty to choose from for a good time in the sun but the usual choices are that in Penang.

So the next time you go overseas or a tourist comes up to you asking about Malaysia, you have these ten facts on your fingertips, simply ready to awe them with the distinctiveness of our country.  If there is no one for you to boast Malaysia to, these facts are still not wasted to be learned as now you are more knowledgeable by ten facts!





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