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Top 20 Islamic Websites That Brings You Closer to Jannah

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There are many interesting Muslim websites that Muslims can browse to and discover more about the religion of Islam. Here are the top 20 Muslim websites that are worth it to visit:

  1. Quran Online lists all 114 surahs contained in the Quran in ascending order. The website also gives the meaning of the name of the surah in English and an English translation of each verse.
  2. Hadith Online divides hadiths according to categories. Listing hadiths as Sahih al-Bukhari, Sahih Muslim and so on. A search toolbar is provided where you can search for a specific hadith if you want to. The slogan says “The Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. at your fingertips” is definitely true.
  3. 99 Names of Allah can be found at Firstly, it gives a brief explanation of the 99 names of Allah by referencing hadiths and verses from the Quran. The names are also given an English meaning and explanation. Users could also download the 99 names of Allah if ever they want to store them in their phones or if they want to memorise the names.
  4. The Secret of Quran Miracles is a website where you can find all miracle stories consisted in the Quran which are divided into categories to make it easier for people to find specific miracle stories.
  5. Duas Online where you can search according to the categories listed. Plus, there are collections you can browse on. For example, duas you recite during mornings, Eid and hajj. Tips to make duas are also provided.
  6. Islamic Web at offers current news from all over the world. Articles regarding family and society issues, Islamic history and beliefs are often posted on this website.
  7. Islamic Finder at gives you the accurate prayer times, azan and qibla directions. Not only that, users can find masjids and suraus that are near them. You can do your zakat calculations, browse the Islamic gallery and take a look at the special Islamic days.
  8. Muhammad, The Messenger of God at is a website entirely about Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. It talks about Prophet’s lineage, his characteristics and his general life. Proofs of Muhammad’s Prophethood found the Quran and Sunnah are included in this website.
  9. Discover Islam basically answers any questions you ever had about Islam. Here are certain topics covered in this website are women in Islam, who wrote the Quran, understanding Islam and Muslims, why were we created and many more. Some of the topics have audio and pdf file attached to them. Users can download them for their own individual use.
  10. About Jihad at discusses what exactly is jihad and how is it different from terrorism.
  11. Search for and you’ll get Science Islam – “Proof from Truth”. This website talks about the topics of evolution, the big bang theory, the origins of the earth and so on.
  12. You can watch well produced Islamic movies and short films at Videos are already provided on the website, just click and enjoy watching!
  13. Have a discussion with other Muslims on various Islamic topics. Ask questions about anything related to Islam and Muslims at Muslim forums
  14. Islamic online university offers you degree programs where you can learn online and become a university student. All you have to do is sing up!
  15. Learn how to recite the Quran perfectly through a Quran online course at
  16. Creative Muslims a blog that promotes “Muslim inspired social good”.
  17. “Discover the golden age of Muslim civilization” at Learn about the Muslim history, culture, people and so on here.
  18. Any false claims made by the Christians are answered at The website provides the answers by using evidences from the Quran.
  19. Islamic Channel – “Voice of the voiceless” providing you with news about Islam, adult and kids Islamic tv programs, Islamic videos and so on.
  20. 1001 Inventions is a website showcases the incredible achievements of the Muslim civilization from the past and also the future. “Discovering the past, Inspiring a better future” at


There you have it! Be sure to check out this website for more Islamic website you can visit when you surf the internet.



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