Make Your Waffles Better; Here's Some Tips

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Waffles are little cubed pancakes that make breakfast, or basically any time of the day, more fun. They are also so versatile. They can be topped, filled or modified to fit any dish or any vision that you have for them. Here are some popular waffles trends and what you can do to your waffles to make them better or more fun.

  1. Drenched with fresh fruit

    A good fluffy, cloud-like waffle drenched with fresh fruits on top is just the way to go if you are looking for an easy and healthy way to dress up your waffle. This can be done with any type of fruit. It could be accessorised with strawberries, blueberries or raspberries. But let’s be real. In Malaysia, those fruits are a bit more expensive. Therefore, if you are reaching to hit the waffles more close to home, then try to top them with mangoes, dragonfruits or even bananas.

    1. Top with Ice Cream

    You cannot go wrong with ice cream. It is just not possible. Ice cream will only elevate the waffle and will help the waffle get to another level. And at the same time, you can choose any ice cream to fit which mood you’re feeling. For example, sometimes you just need a simple vanilla ice cream. But other times, you could also want a rustic chunky chocolate ice cream or even a refreshing chocolate mint. Whichever it is, you can top it onto your waffles and have a great little sandwich.

    1. Top with Fried Chicken

    Fried chicken and waffles have been around for a while already. Therefore, they have made their mark in our society as being one of the greatest combinations. The combination has a blend of sweet, salty with creaminess and crunchiness about it. It gets a bit confusing as to which is better, but it doesn’t matter. Because it all works together flawlessly. And if you are wanting to make this a little more healthy-conscious, then opt the fried chicken for grilled chicken tenders. Although it won’t have the same crunch, the protein is still there and still good. Just drizzle it with some good maple syrup (or honey for those who are counting the calories).

    1. Filled with Whip Cream

    One of my favourite types of waffles is the waffle that is folded down the middle (to make it seem like a semi-circle sandwich bread) and the filling of this waffle sandwich is a whole ton of airy, sweet whipping cream. And sometimes that whipping cream is topped with strawberries or chocolate chips. What’s perfect is that it is like essentially a whipped cream sandwich. It’s fluffy airy sweetness in a folded cloud of soft waffle.

    1. Make them Savoury

    The thing that makes waffles so versatile is that they can be made into what you want them to be. There are like crepes. You can alternate the recipe and the measurements of sugar and salt to suit your recipe. You can make savoury pancakes just by reducing the amount of sugar. From these savoury waffles, you can stuff them with classic sandwich fillings. This means you can make a waffle sandwich. Fill it with lettuce, slices of turkey, tomatoes and more. It also does a good job of holding in those ingredients.


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