Reasons For Weight Gain; Hidden Culprit

Reasons For Weight Gain; Hidden Culprit

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Have you every wondered, why am I gaining weight? I am not eating excessively, I am exercising, but yet this weight doesn’t seem to want to leave my body. Well, it is because extra calories are hidden everywhere. In our snacks, our dishes and our drinks. And calories sneakily hide in our seeming “healthy” meal choices and I’m here to bust their hiding spots.


  1. Salad dressing


Salad dressings are calorie heavens. Believe me, it may seem innocent to just dress a healthy dose of lettuce and vegetables with a tablespoon or two of your favourite dressing. But let me tell you, I can guarantee that half of the calories in that salad is your salad dressing alone. As we know, caesar salad dressing and ranch dressing are more mayonnaise based dressings therefore they seem like the unhealthy choice. But even olive oil and vinaigrettes are full of calories. One tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil is already 100 calories. Therefore, keep an eye out for those pesky calories. Ask to have the dressing on the side so you can control the caloric intake.


  1. Sugary drinks


We know that sodas are basically liquid sugar. But even juices and those booster drinks, RedBull and Monster, are jam-packed with sugar. These drinks carry more sugar in one can that you recommended daily sugar intake. It seems smarter and a more healthy choice to choose orange juice over a diet coke. Or an ice lemon tea over a pepsi. Or a vitamin water over a fanta. But it’s all the same. They have different sugar levels but they all still have staggering amounts of sugar in them. Therefore, be on the safe side and just order water.


  1. Sauces and gravy


Similar to salad dressing, sauces and gravy are full of calories. Which makes sense with all the oil, sugar and salt being added into them. I understand the struggle though. I am a sauce girl. I love to dose my grilled chicken breast with some Nando’s peri-peri sauce. But 2 tablespoons of that sauce is the same amount of calories as a small side of mashed potatoes. So, I believe I’m making a good decision but in reality, I ate more calories without the satisfaction of eating more. A good way to counteract that disappointment is to marinade your meats. Or to make the sauces and gravy as garnishes, apply them in moderation.


  1. Not getting enough sleep


Sleep is great. Sleep is amazing. If you told me that I can sleep more, I would not argue with you and actually sleep more. Sleep is so beneficial. Not only does it rest your body and restore it from toxins, it also helps your body regenerate. It helps replenish and restore chemicals. In this situation, not sleeping enough can actually lead to weight gain. This can be because of psychological night munchies to your body not metabolising enough, due to lack of sleep. Either way, do not complain when you are asked to sleep more. Actually sleep more.


  1. Stress eating


Stress eating is very common amongst the population. Binge eating (an actual condition), eating excessively and continuously even after you are full, is also very common. Basically sometimes, there is psychological solace found in food, a sort of stress reliever. And sometimes there is physiological solace in food. The endorphins and chemicals that are released when we eat. They trigger the reward centre in our brain causing us to feel better, but only momentarily. Stress eating or snacking is a huge contributor to weight gain. It is because we are unaware of how much more we eat when we are stressed. To counteract this, engage in stress-relieving activities or hobbies that will ease the tension. This way, you have more tranquil in your life as well as less weight gain.

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