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Why Do I Need Telekung Travel Cotton In My Handbag?

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For every 21st century, urban, working (and non-working) woman out there who are constantly on the go, how do you travel from one spot to another while still managing to keep track of your solat? The answer is obviously in your very own handbag. Nearly every single one of us will be carrying a telekung travel, folded neatly and tucked into adorable little matching bags.

Telekung Travel comes in many different shades and styles but ultimately, they all share the same main characteristics such as being exceedingly comfortable, light and thin – the perfect prayer outfit for every woman who is always up and about. Telekung Travel Cotton is basically a telekung made up of cotton as the main material but it is almost always a very light, breezy and exceedingly comfortable cloth.

The best feature of a Telekung Travel is that it can be folded into a very small and neat size. So small in fact that you can fit in the tiny little traveling bag that it usually comes in. At Zaahara, the telekung travel sold comes with the cutest, smallest little drawstring bag that comes in a matching shade as the telekung itself. This makes the Telekung Travel a product that is not only small but it’s also easy to carry around. You can tuck in your medium to large sized handbag or you can just carry it around with as is. It doesn’t take much space up at all, hence, really the best kind of telekung to bring along with you when you go outside.

Another reason why Telekung Travel is such a necessity to possess for every busy high flyer is because Telekung Travel is immensely comfortable. You are almost 100% guaranteed to feel extreme satisfaction when you perform your solat with one of these cotton Telekung Travel. Most manufacturers and designers will make light, airy and maximum comfort as their goals when they create a Telekung Travel. They understand that the busy Muslimah will be hot, sweaty and irritable when they are traveling here and there (especially given the heat and humidity of our country). Therefore, most ladies who do own a Telekung Travel Cotton will testify on how comfortable their telekung was.

Aside from that, Telekung Travel Cotton is such a convenient product because not only does it provide maximum comfort and is easy to carry around, it is usually very easy to wear. Like most telekung nowadays, it only takes about a few seconds to just throw it on. So what are you waiting if you’re a busy bee and haven’t yet got a Telekung Travel Cotton? Grab one as soon as you can. You know that you can’t leave home without it.

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