How do you guess if Ramadhan is approaching?

How do you guess if Ramadhan is approaching?

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Well, if you are in Malaysia and are exposed to the offline media, it won’t be hard.

“keenakan buah kurma dari Timur Tengah….

Yusuf Taiyuuuub…

Kelazatan buah kurma yang tiada bandingannya ….

Yussufff Taiyuuubbb….

Buah Kurma Safeeya, Waseem, Safina, dan banyak lagi…pastinya menjadi pilihan anda setiap masa, pilihan ekslusif…

Yussuff Taiyyuuuubb..”

Oh, it’s annoying…especially the seductive female voice who whispers” Yussuff Taiyuuub”…3 times! Yes, 3 times.


Anyways, the ads has been played without fail during Ramadhan and also pre-Ramadhan every year since 2011.

Radio, TV…You name it.

It has been there all these years without fail.

Initially, Yusuf Taiyub caters for the cheap and affordable dates in Malaysia.

Not many of the Malaysian market are exposed to different kind of dates except for those who are health freak, urban dwellers, religious inclined or those who has travelled to Makkah and Madinah for the Umrah or Hajj trip.

It is not known among everyone about the dates that has a higher value in terms of pricing and quality such as Ajwa, Ajwa Aliyah, Safawi, Medjoul and a few others.

However, in 2020, there was a spike of interest among Malaysians for a greater premium dates which is the Ajwa, Safawi and Medjoul.

Perhaps, due to travel restriction imposed to Malaysians, there is the missing Ramadhan in Makkah sentiment being played.

In 2020, Zaahara sold almost 6,000 boxes of Ajwa dates and also Safawi dates. It was the first time Zaahara was able to sell that much and all this thanks to the travel restriction imposed.

Zaahara is happy to be part of the platform that has introduced and also educate the consumers on the Ajwa dates.

Ajwa dates is so special that it is being mentioned by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him). However, the price is so much higher than the average dates sold by Yussuf Taiyub.

1kg of Ajwa dates can be around RM 90-120. Unlike the average dates, its almost few hundred percent difference. Not many are exposed and can actually afford this.

In 2021, Zaahara aims to sell 15,000 boxes of Ajwa dates and believe more awareness can be garnered this time around.

Ajwa dates by Aswadan is definitely something customers will want as they have their own farm in Madinah and the dates are fresh and delicious.

Unlike some dates in Malaysia where it is mixed with sugar and preservatives, Ajwa dates from Aswadan are guaranteed the freshness.

“Best Ajwa.. my friend who is a date lover said this date has no added sugar”

“Really delicious dates !”


For those who are yet to try Ajwa Dates from Aswadan, you can try for the Ramadhan this year. Perhaps you can also get it for your parents. It comes in a nice presentable packaging and thus good for gifting or hadiah.

Get one now for testing and once you have tried, you’ll never want to eat other type of dates.

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