Muslim on-the-go: 6 essentials you must have in your daily handbag

Muslim on-the-go: 6 essentials you must have in your daily handbag

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There goes the days whereby Muslim woman are just at home taking care of the household. Majority of the Muslim woman nowadays are always on the go either for work, study, leisure or perhaps bringing their kids around for activities.

We are listing 6 items which will go handy for on-the-go Muslim ladies around the world especially during this Covid-19 pandemic.

So, who are on-the-go Muslims woman?

To simplify it, it is a category for woman who are in the bracket of student, working professional, freelancers or even a busy parent. The bag is the most important item and trust us, they will go gaga if the bag goes missing!

The bag will be filled with small and big things and it is important to not forget certain items that can help you through the day.

To ensure you have a very productive life as a Muslim woman, we have listed a few important things to be put inside the bag.

  1. Prayer essentials

Praying five times a day is mandatory for all Muslims whether a female or male. No compromise on this. If you are out during the day which will cover the Zuhur and Asar or also Maghrib, it is essential to have your prayer attire with you. To make it easier, the prayer attire (telekung travel) must be light, compact and easy to fold. It will be good if the travel telekung comes in bag as well.


Telekung Travel Sofia

Telekung travel is crucial if you don’t belong in the hijab or tudung wearer category. Or else, you will need to borrow someone else telekung which might not be of convenient if there is nobody at that particular moment.

However, if you are already dressed modestly and also wearing hijab, hand and foot socks will be sufficient.


  1. Perfumes and Makeup

Nowadays, there are a lot of small travelers’ perfume and also make up that you can carry along. Being a woman, make up and perfume is essentials as we always love to smell good and look good all the time especially when we are out seeing other people.

During Prophet Muhammad saw time, attar (essential oil perfumes) is a crucial item to be carried around. Attar normally comes in a small bottle it’s easy to take with you and also quick to apply.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) was known to love good smells. He sums up what he loved of material things in this present world, saying: “Of all that is available in this present life, I am made to love perfume and women, but the thing that gives me best gratification is prayer.” (Related by Ahmad and Al-Nassaie.)

Islam encourages good hygiene and cleanliness, teaching us to always be conscious of the way we present ourselves to others.

For Muslimah’s who wear makeup, bring some items along for touch-ups! A quick lipstick reapplication or a sweep of powder fixes those moments when makeup is looking slightly messy from eating or after taking wudhu.

  1. Pocket Quran

Reading the Quran is said to soften the hardened hearts and clean dirty hearts. Having a pocket Quran that you can whip out at any time of the day can be a true life-saver. In the middle of a hectic day, reciting the Quran has the ability to relieve you of the stress and anxiety that you’re facing in daily life.

Quran A5 size

The same can be said for listening to Quranic recitations or reading Quranic verses from a mobile apps like Muslim ProiQuran or Quran Majeed.

  1. A Book

If you prefer reading the Quran during more private moments, pick up other reading material to get you through those long and dreary train rides to and from home. Instead of spending those rides hooked onto your phone, getting through a book is a much more productive and meaningful way to spend your time. After all, the constant attitude for learning is highly encouraged in our religion.

  1. Sanitizer
  1. Face Mask

If you are in a public place where you will encounter other people, you should wear a mask. 

Face Mask cotton from bambina

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