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10 Famous Muslimah Bloggers in Singapore

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Since Singapore is a small country in terms of size and only a measly number of its citizens are Muslims, the fashionable Muslimahs there become exceedingly famous.

Little girls growing up in Singapore look up to these spectacular role models and secretly harbor a wish to become like them. To admire these Muslimahs is simple enough as reading their blogs would suffice.

  1. The Tudung Traveller

A well-known name such as the founder of The Tudung Traveller, Atikah Amalina, writes about her travels to countries far away and some inspirational religious learning on her blog. The volunteer projects she is working on can also be read by her readers in the hopes that they will join in the efforts. She even does her own charity projects with bake sales to help orphan Syrian refugees in Jordan.

  1. Lulu Alhadad


Lulu Alhadad started designing clothes for her family, and then her love for fashion grew into a successful clothing line named after her. Her lovely creations are known to have bold colours and intricately woven crystal embellishments. All her designs can be bought on her blog.

  1. Maqayla

Maqayla was founded by the young Mareenah bt Abdul Ghani who struggles to juggle her business and her studies. Her blog posts are about her life, how difficult it was for her to find funds for her bachelor’s degree which turned out to be the beginning of her fashion label, how she is now happily engaged to her partner of seven years and her wonderful umrah trip.

  1. Nadya Abd

At 26, Nadya Abd is a devoted wife and passionate teacher. Her blog writings is where she gives makeup reviews, posts pictures of her photoshoot with Mode Clothier & Hart Photography and lists all the clothing items she wears in her pictures. To make things more fun, she provides readers with great baking recipes.

  1. Nurul Atiqah (Tiq)

Nurul Atiqah, better known as Tiq, is a stunning caramel skinned Singaporean who adores makeup, reading and watching movies. She often posts her makeup reviews, stories of the fashion shows she attends and striking pictures of her attires. She is a proud wearer of hijab and her writings on how she started to wear it and what she thinks of world hijab day are inspiring.

  1. Sarah Atiq

Born and raised in Doha (Qatar), Sarah Atiq has been residing in Singapore with her two children for a few years. Her passion for fashion is evident in the pictures she posts of her gloriously put together outfits. She tells her followers the favourite makeup and perfume brand she uses as well as stories of her pleasant travels in Phuket and London.

  1. Nur Fatiin

Young and edgy, Nur Fatiin blogs her outfit of the day photos with its pristine white background. She informs her readers on how she assembles each one of her much desired getups and where to find them. Her dreamlike travels to romantic Italy and exciting Indonesia are told in great detail that leaves her readers breathless for more. She even gives a simple cake recipe made using a microwave.

  1. Su’aidah Salim

Inclined with her inner spirituality, the CEO and Founder of Soul Project, Su’aidah Salim, had a humble beginning of conducting private Quran coaching for children and families. Her writings talk about faith in Allah and the Islamic parenting way. She motivates her readers to improve themselves as an endeavour to walk the path to Jannah.

  1. Fadhilah Wahid

A graduate from Malaysia, Fadhilah Wahid has been all over the world in her pursuit for knowledge. She is now back in her hometown, Singapore, where she writes about her religious findings. She has published a book entitled Light upon Light which is about her struggles as a Muslimah, but to read more of her works, one must subscribe to her newsletters.

  1. Dalilah Ismail


Dalilah Ismail is a blogger who loves fashion, traveling, food and her husband. Her joyful tales in lands across seas are written with a lot of attention as they are told day by day. And her heart wrenching letter to her beloved husband upon his convocation is simply too sweet not to shed a tear. The pictures of her great outfits she includes to add more flavour to her blog are candy for her readers’ eyes as they are fantastically shot.

For all those young feminine hearts that yearn for a life of immaculate clothes and thrilling adventures overseas yet still desire to adorn the hijab and hold true to Allah’s ways, following the footsteps of these 10 Muslimah bloggers is a good start to achieving the dream.



Nur Jalilah Binti Abdul Aziz, freelance writer of this blog at Zaahara. Interests include blog writing, academic writing and creative writing.

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