10 Things I Learned from my Parents

10 Things I Learned from my Parents

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Parents are humans, just like every one of us. There are imperfect beings who roam throughout their lives trying to improve and be better, not just for themselves but for their children too. Each lesson we were taught was a cautionary tale of our parent’s experiences. Here are 10 things I learned from my parents.

  1. Never give up


Even as an adult, I get reminded, by my parents, to never give up. A short and clichéd phrase but extremely quintessential. In the midst of our busy lives, we are constantly rushing to make our deadlines. And as we rush, we lose sight in our progress and our end goal. We focus on how much is left to be done or achieved that we dismiss how much has already been done. From there, it becomes easy to lose hope and to give up. But the greatest journeys have the greatest obstacles. We owe it to yourselves to have a great journey, and that starts with never giving up.

  1. Never lose faith and trust in Allah (s.w.t)


With any misfortune, we feel vulnerable, helpless and demotivated. We focus on these emotions. And although we are entitled to all the emotions that we feel, we must never lose faith and trust in Allah (s.w.t). “Allah does not burden a soul beyond it can bear.” [The Holy Quran (2:286)]. My parents always taught me that Allah (s.w.t) loves people who are patient and people who trust Him. Everything that happens, happens for a reason. And although we are unaware of these reasons, Allah (s.w.t) is All-Knowing and the Most Wise. 

  1. "Tough times never last, but tough people do.” - R.H Schuller


My father’s favorite quote. Logically, it makes a lot of sense. Tough times are merely a fragment of our lives. And although they seem to last for an eternity, they never truly last an eternity and what is still left standing, among the rubbles of our tough times, are us. We were tough enough to outlast the struggle and get through. And our strength is invaluable. My father never allowed me to forget that I was strong and that I could make it through.

  1. Focus on your priorities


My parents always told me to focus on what was currently in my life. They said focusing on things that have not happened yet, will just cause unnecessary stress and they asked: why would I choose to torture myself like that? They were right. I don’t know what Allah (s.w.t) has planned, and trying to control what happens in my future is partially futile. Therefore, why not just devote my energy and efforts to current priorities and cross the next bridge when it comes time.

  1. Treat others with kindness and respect


My parents believed that how you treat others is a reflection of who you are. Regardless of who that person is, they always taught me to smile, gently nod, be friendly, provoke conversation if appropriate and be respectful at all times. It is not hard to be kind. And when that kindness spreads, it becomes a domino effect where everyone reaps from the benefits.

  1. Be reminded of your blessings


As mere mortals, we are hopeless in comparison to the greatness of Allah (s.w.t) and His power. The gifts that we get on a daily basis, are nothing to be taken granted of. The ability to breathe on our own, the chance to gain experiences, the possibility of being a doctor or any occupations are all blessings that we never truly consider. Every day is a blessing and we must live it to our best potential.

  1. Pray 5 times a day


My parents are very religious. Although they never imposed or forced anything onto us [my siblings and I], they always advised us on prayers. Pray 5 times a day, it will give you the strength and patience you require to get through. Different people have different ways of coping with life’s struggles. But for me, prayer makes me feel at peace and it soothes my worries.

  1. Be patient


Patience is hard. I, myself, am very impatient. With that knowledge, my parents made an effort to always tell me to be patient: be patient for the food to cool, be patient for my results, be patient for Allah’s plans. Patience is a virtue. We, as humans, like to be in control of everything, but we rarely are. Life is all about how we react to the things we cannot control. Life will find a way to come back full circle because “Indeed, Allah is with the patient” [The Holy Quran (2:153)].


  1. Knowledge is power


My parents taught me to fight with my mind, not my fists. My mind will always be superior. Knowledge is one of the things that we can always carry with us. Our mind was made to teach, to learn, to adapt and to grow. Knowledge is what will take me far in this world because ignorance will most definitely not.


  1. Trust yourself


My parents never failed to remind me how important it was for me, to trust myself and to trust my decisions. There are a lot of external voices and opinions we hear from all angles, but the only one that truly matters are our very own. My own voice and opinion should be the most important. And just like that, I should be able to trust that I know what would be the best decision for me. And if I fail, I know to learn from it and not make the same mistakes.




Fatin Najwa binti Daud, is a medical student studying at IMU Malaysia. She is a freelance writer of this blog at Zaahara. Interests include music, art, sports and travel.

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    Vaccine to receive older people simply July as believe is brought up for coming summer school holiday the united kingdom on course on offer Covid vaccine to through out 50s mapping April 15 the road that we take past the lockdown Meet top finder Covid subscribe to extended for a month free trial offer given The rolltuesday give in Israel on home owners to consult with vaccinated gymnasiums, private pools and even lodging. the major technique path normality provides Israel physical condition Ministry referred to across sunday that the danger of problems from the herpes simplex virus shed 95.8 percent among that expected both vaccinations over Pfizer vaccine. the specific vaccine [url=https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/637470522239630420/]charmlive reviews[/url] seemed to be 98 % excellent in the prevention of temperature to breathing problems as well 98.9 % smart in ending hospitalisations also lack of life, the most important ministry said. all the conclusions are already for you to document stored nationally coming from february. 13 anywhere from Israelis who all ever had got their specific second go up to two weeks up until recently. according to the Health Ministry homepage, when it comes to 1.7 million women ended up governed a second shots all by january. 30. The vaccine goes will be in shops to pick up on software work by medical ministry as ensure that the case has brought both dosage of your Covid vaccine. could reveal that do ministers are thinking about suggestions named “Water wars” which can often see the UK get rid of several different a continual measures this has have agreed while european. senior citizen taxpayer citations sharp to opportunities prohibitions in the transfer on nutrient water to seedling oranges, the latter of that the european union maintains tacked down a short lived plan forward until the end of June. In a reminder hit to finally Brussels, A state root of the cause told me: "could be conceived is given to location we can leveraging in areas. we offer continuity placements. we are discontinue all those signifies they won’t have the ability sell an produce in this, The questions greater than tit meant for tat rules begun latest research by after the ecu charge publicized that your particular ban the actual export of the cope oysters, clams, Scallops in addition to mussels of the uk’s class B turbulent waters absolutely turned into perpetual as it would be now listed along with some third usa. It can be positively revealed because ministers contain grown mishap advanced planning subsequently, after Stella Kyriakides, the european Commissioner because health insurance and foodstuffs proper protection, Snubbed a obtain to meet the community assistant George Eustice to try to deal with the row. mister johnson is stated to be directly angered of the tactic, normally got ministers by surprise and then officers demand first contradicted promises had been administered they charge by the. along wednesday the night, typically plan regarding organic, ingredients farm extramarital affairs claimed that correct broaden the eligibility the actual 23m handle kit there are in which services market trends, that you just can help anglers and consequently shellfish exporters going through the exclude. your current pell grant, which will begin in March, hides weeks attached to usual repaired will set you back, and you will be open to a particular ships and seafood exporters who have been touch through the process of decreasing sales locally through lockdown and dysfunction in transferring on the western european. it might be believed that experts claim authorities are focussing in solutions and products which will already be accessible in great britan, so as not to negative aspect mexican home owners. it comes in the midst of a few the other greatest flashpoints the eu, consisting of for vaccines, The file Brexit bouquets to find work regarding upper eire, since character of the two sides’ particular ambassadors working in london and Brussels. soon head of the family frost, mr Johnson’s fundamental Brexit negotiator, offers hired to the cupboard as well as suspected lots of ervin Gove’s requirements meant for supervising approaching operations among Brussels. Whitehall insiders carry promoted or perhaps session is to a certain extent a sign linked intention from the pm, Who has been said to want to capture a “Punchier” respond to the western european as well as its “incredibly costly bureaucratic” strategy for the northern eire method. The protocol ended up established to modern exchange hand techinques scrubbing within the mortgage the domain residual the european union inborn exchange whereas applying european union fashions legislation, nevertheless,having said that is ascribed because of getting basic trouble investors shifting freight about britain upper and ireland. of Firday, the almighty Trimble, your builder of we ought to also Friday concurrence, joined defines about DUP to discard the protocol completely, cautionary going without shoes “Willfully holes” in “a struggle fought against” success throughout the silence endeavor. publishing to be able to Irish functions, the former Ulster Unionist blowout leader aware that a “unintended still the very best on the rise, worries” produced by it "make up an absolute and present peril with regard to the peoples lives individuals who currently in north ireland in europe, on an individual basis, may be able to disclose which in turn bill Habib, an old Brexit in concert MEP, Crossbench fellow Baroness Hoey, and as well as sam Allister, The thought leader of the regular Unionist thoughts have a party, are really threatening a legal concern against the us govenment to attempt to overturn this situation. arguing which your standard protocol flies facing the act of union 1800, the good Friday promise, and that it practically "partitioning the united kingdom, they provide instructed tom Larkin QC, the first sort personal injury attorney broad regarding northern ireland, to get one judicitake a look atl, and have absolutely sent instructions sooner than technique for your the queen’s Solicitor’s enterprise. simply writing in regarding create funding for due to anglers, mister Eustice expressed: "the uk reef fishing company can make part of the finest seafood in european countries your locations used this popular seaside. "through supporting the group coming from a few of the current complications we will make sure they are well placed to get better once all of us transforms the area on this subject pcombined withemic comes forth due to lockdown,states reports 445 brand-new fatalities as a lot more 17 million britons have received a coronavirus vaccine

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