Top 10 Majority Muslim Countries

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Islam is the second largest religion in the world, and is considered to be the fastest growing religion, with over 1.5 billion followers worldwide. Although Islam expands from each corner of the world, reigning from North America to Asia, the majority of Muslims reside in South Asia and the Arab World. The top 10 majority Muslim countries are as follows*:

*the following data is based from a 2010 statistical data report


  1. Morocco


Morocco, located in North Africa, is home to 2.0% of the world’s Muslim population. With a national population of approximately 32 million people, 31,930,00 of them are followers of Islam. Over 99% of Morocco are Muslim Other religions within Morocco include Judaism and Christianity.


Prior to being introduced to Islam, by the Arabs in 685, Morocco was ruled under Roman authority that annexed the aboriginal Berbers of the nation.


  1. Algeria


Next comes Morocco’s neighbor, Algeria. Algeria inhabits 2.2% of the world’s Muslim population. Over 34,700,000 Algeria citizens are Muslim. Algeria is the largest country in Africa, defaulting Africa as the only continent with a Muslim majority.


Similar to Morocco, Algeria was under the Roman empire prior to being introduced to Islam, by the invasion of Arabs in 650. Although Christianity was a reigning religion during the subsequent years, many of the aboriginal Berbers took to following Islam instead.


  1. Turkey


In between Europe and Asia, Turkey is the 8th largest Muslim majority country, contributing to 4.5% of the world’s Muslim population. Turkey has a population or over 81 million people, approximately 71 million people are Muslim.


Turkey is one of the few Muslim majority countries to separate religion from state, upholding to a secular constitution. Turkey has a rich and ancient history with many influences over the past thousand years. Although the country is predominately Muslim, many historical sites are considered holy by both Christians and Muslims. 


  1. Iran


Moving to the Arab World, Iran is home to 4.6% of the world’s Muslim population, with over 73 million followers of Islam. Since the Islamic Revolution, in 1979, Iran was declared as an Islamic Republic. Over 99% of the nation is Muslim and the number growing year by year.


Iran is known to be one of the countries with the largest number of Shi’a Muslims. Approximately 90-95% of the Muslims in Iran are Shi’a Muslims while the other 4% are Sunni Muslims, mostly sectored in their tribes.


  1. Egypt


Egypt contributes to 4.8% of the world’s Muslim population. Egypt has a population of 86 million citizens and over 76 million citizens are Muslim, despite a strong Christian following in the nation as well. Similar to Turkey, Egypt has its fair share of vibrant history with influences from Romans, Alexander the Great and Arabs.


  1. Nigeria


Nigeria inhabits over 77 million Muslims in its country, making up 4.8% of the world’s Muslim population. Nigeria, was introduced to Islam in the 13th Century, is one of the largest Muslim majority countries in West Africa. A large number of Nigerian Muslims are Sunnis. However, similar to Turkey, Nigeria follows a secular democracy, where state and religion are separate.


  1. Bangladesh


Bangladesh is responsible for 8.4% of the world’s Muslim population. Over 134 million Bangladeshi are Muslims, which makes up over 90% of their total country population (144 million people). Apart from Islam, the other approximately 10% of citizens follow Hinduism.


Similar to Nigeria, Islam was introduced to Bangladesh in the 13th century, but Bangladesh upholds a legal Anglo-Indian system with no official Islamic courts or law. However, personal matters of marriage, divorce, inheritance are based on Islamic law, conducted by traditional Muslim judges.


  1. Pakistan


Pakistan is home to over 196 million people, 167 million citizens are Muslims. With 80-90% of Muslims being Sunnis and 10-20% being Shi’a Muslims. Other than Islam, Christianity and Hinduism are regions practiced as well.


Islam plays a very vital and crucial part to the daily activity of Pakistanis. With Sharia law being a legal form of law in the courts of Pakistan. Any form of verbal or physical criticism of Islam is strictly prohibited in Pakistan with severe punishment or enforcement.


  1. India


India makes up 11% of the world’s Muslim population, with 176 million citizens as followers of Islam. India has a population of 1.2 billion people. Only 14% of the Indian population are Muslims. The other 75% are followers of Hinduism, Buddhism or Christianity.


  1. Indonesia


Indonesia is the country with the largest Muslim population in the world, contributing to over 209 million Indonesian Muslims. Indonesia makes up 13.1% of the world’s Muslim population. Other religions practiced in Indonesia are Christianity and Hinduism. Over 99% of Indonesian Muslims are Sunni Muslims with a small minority of Shi’a Muslims.


Altogether, all 10 of these countries make up 65.8% of the world’s Muslim population, with over 1.1 billion Muslims. The other 34.2% of Muslims are scattered through many regions, countries and continents.


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