10 Ways You Can Help Muslim Refugees

10 Ways You Can Help Muslim Refugees

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Due to the harsh conditions of their country, with bombs exploding every second, women and children dying all around, hundreds of Muslims are forced to leave their country, the place they call home, as a means to find a peaceful life. Refugees flee to neighbouring countries with little possessions; they do not have shelter or food and water to consume. Hence, others must help them from their misery.

There is an abundance of help you can provide them, among them is giving them food and water. It is not necessary for you to lavish them with luxurious food such as chocolate and oysters which will not last for a long time and will not be very filling for them; the food you ought to give is bread, canned goods, and rice.

A warm place to stay in to sleep is highly essential for people; and refugees are no exception. You cannot very well invite the many hundreds of them into your own home, unless your house has hundreds of rooms of course, but you can ask help from the government or a philanthropic society to provide a shelter and help out there by preparing the beds for the refugees or serving the food.

Clothing is a basic necessity as well. Any clothing items you no longer wear can be donated to the refugees. Though, remember, these clothes must still be in usable conditions, otherwise what would be the point in giving them to the refugees if they cannot ever wear them.

Donating money is undoubtedly the best and easiest way to aid refugees. You can contact a helpful charity or committee and hand in your donation to them to be put to good use. They can use the money to buy food and other items for the refugees.

If you are an educated individual, you can offer your service as a teacher, educating the young refugees. The children are not attending school and everyone does not know for sure how long they will remain as refugees, meaning there is a high possibility of them being out of school for a while. Therefore, you should gather your educational books and start putting your teaching skills to the test.

For bilinguals who speak English and Arabic, or any other language the Muslim refugees speak, you can be a translator for them. Communicating can be a nuisance if the refugees cannot speak the native tongue of those living in the country they fled to. It would be difficult to help them if no one knows what they need.

Those who are studying law or practicing law can lend their much valued hands in getting the refugees to understand their rights and the laws of the country they are currently in. The refugees must fathom how the immigration works in their foreign surroundings; this could ease their endeavours to become citizens or quicken their journey home.

Doctors are in demand anywhere and at any time, if you are one, then chip in your services for free by joining humanitarian organizations like Doctors without Borders. You can diagnose the sick refugees, prescribe medicine to them and even perform surgeries, all done for the benefit of a clear conscience.

Sharing the tragic stories of the refugees with the world can help gain attention on them and thus get more help. Therefore, if writing is your talent and passion, then write articles or blogs on the desperate refugees and have them be publicized to the world. Let the sorrowful voices of these unfortunate souls be heard.

With the hardship of finding jobs as refugees, many of them try to start businesses as a means to earn a living in their new environment. What you can do to help is by supporting these fresh businesses, buy their products and tell your friends to do so as well.

Helping people is an act of goodness that will be rewarded greatly by Allah SWT in the Hereafter, but helping our Muslim brothers and sisters in dire need will be rewarded even more greatly. There are a million ways to assist them in their strife, some do not require you to fork out any money; simply a small gesture will go a long way already.





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Nur Jalilah Binti Abdul Aziz, freelance writer of this blog at Zaahara. Interests include blog writing, academic writing and creative writing.

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