How does it feel to be a Muslim in various condition

How does it feel to be a Muslim in various condition

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With terrible bloody wars happening in Muslim countries and people accusing Muslims for being terrorists when they are simply fighting for justice, non-Muslims wonder how it feels like being a Muslim.

It appears that the religion offers no manner of fun in life. They simply cannot comprehend why Muslims are happy being born into the religion and some even convert into the religion. The feeling of being a Muslim depends on where the Muslims live and how religious they are.

For those unfortunates living in the countries where bomb explosions and gunshots could be heard as often as the birds’ chirping, then being a Muslim would be a great challenge for they are being killed for what they believe in yet their faith in Allah SWT is much too strong for them to leave the religion.

Each day they wake up alive would be appreciated and each night they lie in bed praying they would live the next day. Sometimes people ask why these horrible things happen to good people, what did they ever do to deserve them?

There must be a reason for these things, we may not know exactly why but the people who survive them will truly be blessed in the afterlife for having endured such pain and continue believing in Allah SWT. Life on Earth is after all a test for us all to see if we are noble enough to enter the paradise Jannah.

In other parts of the world which are much more peaceful, being Muslims poses no such danger on their lives but the temptation of the hedonistic and materialistic lifestyle of non-Muslims seen on television can be treacherous for their iman.

When life is calm and the surroundings are tranquil, taking things for granted is always something that occurs involuntarily. People start comparing their lives to others’ who are wealthier, more popular, and more glamorous; their envy towards those “blessed” ones causes them to become just as fame-and-fortune hungry. Before they know it, they have abandoned their paths towards heaven and have strayed on the road to hell.

Being a Muslim, therefore, is a mighty huge challenge. Prejudice from all kinds of people towards Muslims are inevitable; people do not care for those who are seen as strange when in fact they are the ones who are right.

Non-Muslims fail to fathom why we believe in Islam and Allah SWT when many end up dying, they do not realize that those who get murdered defending Islam and refusing to convert will immediately be put in heaven. Admittedly Islam has many restrictions. The weaker Muslims will view these restrictions as sacrifices and may resent the religion and secretly desire to rebel against Islam by becoming a murtad.

But those stronger Muslims with more faith in Allah SWT perceive these restrictions Islam has as a means of protecting them from the seductive whispers of Satan.

Muslims, rich or poor, beautiful or unattractive, famous or unnoticed, should always remind themselves that we humans are put on Earth for one reason alone and that is to worship Allah SWT.

Everything in this world that seems exciting and important at first such as the latest iPhone, the most followers on Instagram or the most stylish new handbag from Rizalman are pointless when on Judgement day, all we are left with are the good deeds we have made during our lives on Earth that will be credited for us to step beyond the gates of heaven.


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Nur Jalilah Binti Abdul Aziz, freelance writer of this blog at Zaahara. Interests include blog writing, academic writing and creative writing.

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