5 Ways to Get Your Kids Involved during Ramadhan

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Ramadhan is the month of the Islamic calendar year where Muslims are required to fast compulsorily . Minus if you are sick , old or for women ; pregnant and for kids who have no knowledge of fasting and have not reached that level of maturity yet . But that said , that does not mean kids do not have any part of the Holy Month . They can fast if they are willing to commit to it . But other than that, here are other ways to get them more involved with the Ramadhan month:

1. Learning to master reading the Quran

The number of days required to fast are equivalent to the number Juz' ; which is 30 . By reading a Juz' a day , that can add up over time and probably the kids will be able to Khatam (complete) the Quran by the final day . This however can be broken into two dichotomies , reading the Quran in a physical form and the other a virtual form .

Most kids would probably be using their smartphones and other gadgets to pass the time before breaking fast with nothing else that would be productive to do . So why not get a virtual Quran app and let them read to their accord (supervising is more than encouraged though) . This also means that it isn't the necessity option to limit reading the Quran just by reading the Quran itself , in fact making use of technology properly like this is a good countermeasure to an existing item (the smartphone/tablet) , making the Quran app more than enough of a suitable equivalent to an actual Quran (mind you , this does not mean replacing the Quran book in its entirety altogether) .

A good way to increase the pahala (good deeds) count and to strengthen their love for the Quran and Islam . As well as making full use of modern day technologies . As opposed to just making rudimentary use of it .

2. Helping to cook the breaking of fast meal

Another aspect of breaking of fast is the meal served . Most kids would prefer the option of buying their favourite meals like fast food or a big meal at a restaurant . This won't be considered a bad option in any case but over time the reliance on buying food outside would make them complacent about the gifts they already have . For the parents , teaching them to cook a simple breaking of fast meal would help them in understanding that fasting is not just about holding back urges like hunger and satisfy after breaking fast ; it is also about effort that is need to be put into making the meal possible .

Thus asking them to help cook the meal is a bonus for them to not only rely on buying food all the time , but also giving them an experience in preparing their own dishes .

3. Activities with the family

This is namely like for example , after praying together at a mosque during tarrawih . Just assisting in folding the sajjadah or give some refreshments to fellow mosque-goers is a good enough gesture .

This teaches the kids about compassion and understanding as well as enjoying the month of Ramadhan to its maximum . Or even teaching the kids to perfect their prayers .

The month of Ramadhan provides a stepping stone to enhance family bonds .

4. For the traditionalists ; handicrafts

Making prayer rugs , cards for Eid or even a personal tasbih are some of the clever ways of kids enjoying Ramadhan . Old fashioned as it is , it still plays an integral part of helping kids pass the time in a productive and orderly manner .

Having the activity conducted with a group of their friends enables them to enjoy the activity and helps bursting out their creativity .

5. Learning about the benefits of fasting

Libraries or Ramadhan seminars and clinics are a good place to learn bout the benefits of fasting . Doctors and speakers can teach kids that fasting as an activity is actually a healthy one . Fasting can help cleanse the stomach , colon and digestive systems during the month of Ramadhan .

The Holy Month also teaches them the plight of people who struggle to make a living and getting food to their table . By giving them that understanding , it will help the kids appreciate not only food more , but health and their blessings as well .

Ammo, guest writer of this blog and intern at Zaahara. Interests include motorsports and football, while making multimedia related stuff.
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