Bella Ammara started selling telekung in 2012. That's how the big brand of Malaysia started.

Bella Ammara started selling telekung in 2012. That's how the big brand of Malaysia started.

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Some of you might have heard of Bella Ammara before, but we would like to give a little explanation to those of you that do not know what Bella Ammara is. Fun fact by the way, Bella actually stands for beautiful and Ammara means lady with a strong iman. Thus, the brand actually says “Beautiful lady with a strong iman”. Bella Ammara is a fashion boutique that designs muslimah clothes. As a matter of fact, it does not just design blouses, pants and cardigans but it also creates sportswear, telekungs and jubahs.

Did you know that in the beginning it only sold prayer wear? Yup, that is true! When the brand first launched back in the year 2012, it only focused on selling telekungs. Its founder Sharifah Nabilla Al-Yahya or better known for her glamorous name Belle Yahya began her empire by creating nine different coloured telekungs and selling them online.

Belle Yahya once said in an interview with Utusan Online that she had no intention of doing business. To be honest, Belle had pursued an education in architecture. The only reason why she is not an architect now is because she fell in love with her business. She saw an opportunity that she could not let go. She had to continue expanding her business because she liked being her own boss. That is why people dubbed her as ‘Lady Boss’. Do not be too alarmed by the nickname. Trust us, Belle Yahya is as humble a person can be. She is not bossy at all.

Back to the topic of course. Belle Yahya wanted to gain and save some money to plan out her wedding. This is of course when she was still single. Now, she is married to her husband named Carl Samsudin. At first, she only sold her telekungs online. The telekungs were designed on her own. Belle stated that she gets her inspirations to come up with all the designs for her products because of her architecture education. She continues by saying that she tries her best to transfer her creativity from previously designing buildings to designing clothes and all of her other products. There is a perk of having a background knowledge on architecture after all!

Her telekungs were widely praised by her customers and words got around. That was how Bella Ammara got its fame. So, yeah, in the beginning, Belle Yahya only started doing her business because she needed money, she did not think of doing it as a living for the rest of her life. But after her business started blooming, Belle knew that this was fate. This was what she was meant to do. After that, she went full on with her business Bella Ammara. Looking back now, Belle mentioned that she does not have any regrets of making that choice of hers.

Now, Bella Ammara not only sells telekungs. It has everything, you name it. It has expanded its business by selling blouses, cardigans, blouse-cardigans, jubahs, telekungs, shawls and bakinis.


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Yup, BAKINIS!!! Bella Ammara has come really far from selling only telekungs in 2012 to becoming the number one fashion muslimah boutique. Belle Ammara has several stores. So, do check out their boutiques in Bangi, Setapak, Shah Alam, Johor Bahru and many more!



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