Why you should buy telekung from Mia Mikhail

Why you should buy telekung from Mia Mikhail

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So, for today’s post, we will share with you why as a Muslim woman, you should buy a Mia Mikhail telekung for you to use during prayers. But before we do that, we need to give you girls a brief introduction on what is Mia Mikhail.

Mia Mikhail is a high-end telekung brand founded by three not only beautiful, but also intelligent and creative sisters. It is a Malaysian based brand. It started out exclusively online through Facebook but after it got famous by word of mouth, it expanded and launched its own boutique.

If ever you happen to be in Shah Alam, do drop by their store and have a look of their gorgeous products. Their boutique is in Section 14, Shah Alam. For more information, you girls can check out their website online. You girls can even purchase their telekungs online!

Okay, so what is so special about Mia Mikhail’s telekungs. Well, for starters, the materials are made from good quality lycra. The prayer cloths are all super soft and windy. When you wear it, you would not feel hot and sweaty because you can still feel the cold air breeze underneath the telekung.

The best part of its material is that even though it is lycra, it does not cling to your body. It is not tight and very loose. That way you can pray without having to worry whether or not your telekung might showcase the shape of your body because believe us, it will not!

Another reason why you should buy Mia Mikhail’s telekung is its stretchable material. All of their customers will definitely agree with us, right? The face part of the telekung is stretchable and will fit any face shape and size. Imagine that girls! You do not have to use a pin to tighten the face part of your telekung and also you do not have to open the stitches to make it looser to fit your face.  What a convenience, right?!

Anyone of you girls bored with wearing the basic white-coloured telekung to pray that you girls have at home? Well, if you are in for a splash of colour to brighten up your praying time, Mia Mikhail has various colourful telekungs. Their telekungs comes in all kinds of colours.

Even in colours you did not know existed! Okay…yes. We are exaggerating here hehe but you can find their telekungs in numerous range of colours. So, you can pick and choose your favourite coloured telekung to pray in.

You know how some telekungs’ designs are too overwhelming to look at? We think you girls know what we are talking about here. These telekungs are too flashy in colour and too embroidered with designs. They are just simply too much to look at. Well, you would not find these type of telekungs from Mia Mikhail. Mia Mikhail’s telekungs are simply designed yet elegant to look at. If you are into simplicity, then go get yourself a Mia Mikhail telekung now!

We hate it when we put on our telekung skirts and it is sometimes too long or too short for us. For those of you girls who are tall, the skirt might be short for you and as for the shorties out there, it is too short for us. With Mia Mikhail’s telekung, you can say farewell to this annoying problem because their telekungs are made to fit anyone and everyone!

Here are some bonus reasons for you girls.

  1. The price range for their telekungs are from RM100 to RM200 so, yes they are affordable for such a luxurious brand.
  2. Sometimes, they would have a sale. Especially, when there is an upcoming special holiday or event like Eid Fitri or the year coming to an end. They want their customers to say YES to the Y-ear E-nd S-ale.

There you have it, girls! Reasons why you should buy Mia Mikhail’s telekungs. Now, go shop!


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