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5 Reasons Why You Should Have Telekung Travel

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Telekung travel – the telekung that every single working or busy Muslimah needs to have. This is the solution to practicing Muslimah who are constantly on-the-go and have no time or space to carry thick, heavy, lumpy telekungs in their bags.

The telekung travel is the best type of telekung for those who need to use a telekung that is not only superbly comfortable but also folds neatly into a small drawstring bag, convenient for those who are always driving here and there.

If you’re a Muslim woman who is either working or constantly going out of the house to do all kinds of things for the family then you will surely need yourself a telekung travel.

The number one reason why a high flying Muslimah needs to get a telekung travel is because this type of telekung is absolutely convenient to carry around. Most of these telekung fold up very neatly and don’t take up much space once you put them in their little bags.

Usually, women find it troublesome when they have to carry many bags when they are traveling. One would always prefer to carry only one bag and that would be your purse or handbag itself. Very rarely are we inclined to bring multiple bags.

But with the telekung travel, you won’t need to wreck your head over carrying about multiple bags. The telekung travel, when folded and kept in their individual bags are so small and take such little space that one can simply keep them in their own handbags (provided that said handbag is large enough).

As long as you have a medium sized handbag, the telekung travel is sure to fit into it without any problems.


Telekung Travel di Barcelona

The next reason why telekung travel is a must-have for every urban, working lady out there is because it is very comfortable to wear. When you are always driving or traveling around everywhere, you will clearly feel very annoyed with how uncomfortable it can get especially considering the humidity and heat of our country.

Once can’t help but end up a sticky, stinky mess by the time you stop by for a break or to perform your prayers. The telekung travel provides you with a comfortable and lovely breezy experience as most of the telekungs are made up of high quality and light fabrics.




Take our very own telekung travels; The Zaahara Telekung ones are made from Chinese Cotton which is airy, light and exceedingly comfortable to the touch.

Telekung travel from TEA are also said to be just as comfortable. Theirs is made from high quality parachute fabric which feels great on the wearer as it is light and breezy.

Telekung travel is light weight and made from thin fabric. The best thing about these types of telekungs is that they may be thin but they are not sheer, hence, one does not have to worry about the telekung being see-through.

The materials used to make the telekung include Chinese cotton, parachute fabric, satin crepe, cotton, cotton-cream and many more. All these fabrics are not only very smooth and breathable but they are also thin and do not fold with difficulty. Once you fold the cloth to the correct size that fits its travelling bag, you will notice that these telekung are not lumpy or thick.

Besides that, they also do not weigh heavily on the wearer and therefore, make for a comfortable and lovely experience when performing the solat. Women everywhere will also feel less unenthusiastic to carry around a telekung they know won’t weigh their handbags down. With its adorable little travelling bag, the travel telekung is definitely not a heavy product that will make it difficult for a woman to bring with her.

Photo Credit : The Zaahara Telekung

Finally, the telekung travel is a much-needed prayer item for busy Muslimahs everywhere because it does its job really well. As a telekung that is meant to be a convenience for you, it does its job most spectacularly.

So many people who have bought the travel telekung agree that they truly are travel friendly, easy to wear and provide maximum comfort. They also cover all the parts that need to be covered despite how thin and light the material is. So, if you’re a busy bee don’t forget to get yourself one. Happy praying, dear Muslimahs!


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