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5 tips on choosing your wedding gift (barang hantaran)

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One of the confusing moment for bride to be is to choose items for the wedding gifts (barang hantran).

Tip on choosing the barang hantaran

Me too.I had this problem 6 years ago as we would like to ensure that the wedding gift is something relevant and practical instead of just buying things for the sake of display.

We will hereby provide you 8 tips that you can refer to in case you are confuse with the wedding gifts.

5 tips on choosing the wedding gifts (barang hantaran)

  1. Discussion

First and foremost, discuss with your partner on what are the items to be exchanged and how many trays involved. It is advisable to go together when doing the shopping or perhaps ask your partner to buy their own gift. Don’t think of surprising your partner which might end up being a disaster later on!


  1. Number of trays

The rule for the Malay wedding is simple.

Starts with 5 from the woman and exchanged with 7 by the man.

Starts with 7 from the woman and exchanged with 9 by the man.

Starts with 9 from the woman and exchanged with 11 by the man.

 Tip on choosing the barang hantaran

The more trays will lead to more confusion of choosing the items. It is advisable to keep to a lower number as that will minimise headache and less spending. Perhaps!

One more thing, having less trays (dulang) can also minimize the number of tray girls/ tray boys (dulang girls/ dulang boys).

Always take note that most wedding nowadays will want the dulang girls to wear a unified baju kurung and you are the one responsible to prepare. Do consider this aspect too when planning for the number of trays later.

Tip on choosing the barang hantaran

You don’t want the aunts to be carrying the dulang as that might bring negative result at the photo session later.

  1. Color theme

It is advisable to look for items that can match your wedding theme. This will increase the spark during the photo session.

  1. Common items used for the wedding gift (girl side)
  • Sirih Junjung
  • Shirt and pants
  • Wallet/ Belt
  • Al-Quran – It can either be the normal Quran or Digital
  • Prayer mat (Sejadah) – As Imam of the family, guys should be reminded to pray
  • Watch – Maybe guys are known not to be on time?
  • Perfume- perhaps this is to ensure the husband smells good?
  • Shoes – Work/ Leisure. (There are some who bought football boots!)
  • Fruits- Decorative fruits
  • Cakes/ Cupcakes/Chocolates
  • Gadjet such as computers, Phone etc


  1. Common items used for the wedding gift (boy side)
  • Dowry
  • Wedding ring or jewellery
  • Tepak sirih
  • Al-Quran – Digital or the normal
  • Prayer mat
  • Potpourri
  • Watch
  • Shoes
  • Telekung/Mukena/Prayer wear
  • Handbag
  • Make up set/ perfume
  • Decorative fruits
  • Sweets/chocolates/cakes/cupckaes

Tip on choosing the barang hantaran


Always be in mind that wedding is your special day but that doesn’t mean that you are allowed to spend lavishly. Perhaps the most important thing to consider is to spend with limit.

Don’t go overboard and please don’t use credit cards or loans.

You don’t want to start your marriage in debt!



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