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The levels of awrah that a muslim woman should know

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stages of covering the aurah for the muslim ladies


First and foremost, the intimate part of a human body must be covered. According to Islam, it must be covered by clothes. Exposing the intimate body is prohibited as Quran has mentioned that the body parts that needs to be covered is the genital parts and include breasts for the ladies.

Exposing this body parts are considered sins in Islam.

In today’s world, we have Muslim ladies around the world that wear different of clothes and that means the awrah also differs among them.

From this picture, we can see that there are several level of awrah that is being covered from scale 1 to scale 8.

So now, technically Muslim would love to see all their followers to cover up their awrah at level 8 although that is impossible.

In order for us to strive to be better, what we need is to support our fellow sisters who are new to awrah. Share with them the joy of covering and little by little, they will tend to cover more over the time.

Based on the normal studies, some of the sisters are reluctant to cover the awrah because of several things such as:

  1. Background – Never cover awrah from small
  2. Lack of knowledge – lack of knowledge can perhaps lead to uncovering the awrah
  3. Environment – The place where they live can also lead to the reason why awrah is not covered. For example, many Muslims does not cover the awrah in western countries as they tend to be abused if covered
  4. Beauty – Whoever covers their awrah, their hair is protected and thus they are unable to flaunt them

To be a good muslim is to help other muslims to the straight path. Don’t judge. Don’t be among those who likes to belittle others just because they don’t cover the awrah.

We would like to end this blog post with a quote by Mufti Menk.

Mufti Menk quotes to inspire ladies on the awrah

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